Weekly Dose of Fat 11-4-11

salsa muklukLots going on out there in the fat-bike world. Below is a collection of fat-bike related news we ran across this week. Heck fat-bikes are becoming so popular that outside Magazine even has an article down there somewhere! – Bill weighs in on the growing trend of Fat-Bike Mania! – Far North Fatbikes Newsletter with info about fat bike rides and rentals in Fairbanks, Alaska. – BLBBRBK (Think Blubber Bike!) Fat-Bike Enduro at Afton Forest Preserve in Illinois. – Moonlander at Freewheel Midtown! – Far North Fatbikes – Located in Fairbanks’ Goldstream Valley, where fatbiking was born!Far North Fatbikes is the only fatbike rental business north of the Alaska Range. – 9:Zero:7’s Fat-Bike Fan Page on Facebook – Outside Magazine is getting in on the fat-bike love! – Fall fat-biking along the flood plains along the Mississippi. Beautiful photos! This is what fat-biking is all about. – DIY fat-bike made from a Walmart cheapie left behind. – Someone had to ask the question! Truthfully, though, they already exist! Our current fat-bike wheels are very close to a 29’er in outside diameter. Rolling over obstacles everywhere. – An early morning, low tide ride with pix from the Coastkid’ – The Lazy Rando is looking to hook up with Victoria, BC Fat-bikers!

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