Weekly Dose of Fat – 1-20-12

Prototype Schlick Tatanka - Look for more on this soon.

It is finally here! Tomorrow is the Team SnowBike Enduro in Lake Geneva, WI. Conditions are really good. The base of the track is nicely packed. Gomez, Puck and I rode a few laps yesterday. Not really humping we were in the 18-minute range for the 2-mile loop. The course is a lot of fun. Yes, there is “day of” registration.

Man, look at all those stories below! There is a ton of fat-bike related activity out there. Heck, I even had an interview, shot some video and did some followup with a reporter from the New York Times! I’ll keep ya posted on that. – Our upcoming Team SnowBike Enduro is the subject of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Off the Couch Column on JS online! – The Surly Kru are on the way to the Team SnowBike Enduro. – Women’s snow ride in the Yukon! – Dave gets in some snow riding. – Custom Mukluk Ti Build. – Fat-bike wheel building tips. – Report and results from last weekend’s Farm Team Racing fat-bike race in Michigan. – Pix from the Farm Team Racing fat-bike race in Michigan. – Even more on the Farm Team Racing event. – Here is another one! Popular race with the bloggers! – Farm Team Race report from Danielle. – A first fat-bike ride report. – Sweet custom Rolling Darryls. – A new baby! Congrats! And fat-bike rides. – Fat-bike in Chile. – Doing the handlebar change thing. – Fat-bike impressions from Meriwether Cycles. – Fat-bikes. Just a passing fad?? – Fatback project build. – Lots of good info from Fitzgeralds in the Teton Valley, Wyoming. – All-condition commuting and more excellent pics. – Night coast ride with the CoastKid. – On One Fat-Bike pro to pics. – More Salsa full suspension prototype pics. – It is called the Trundleraptor! – Building wheels for Project Pug. – Yep, it is offset for a reason. – First Pug Ride. – Pug musings. – Play around with BikeCAD to design your ultimate fat-bike. – New Hampshire Fat-Bike – – Can’t get enough pics of the On One fat-bike prototype? Now you can! – Plan “B” beach ride. – FAT tires but not a fat-bike?? – Not feeling the fat-bike love? – Nice photo!

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  1. MG January 20, 2012 at 7:39 pm #

    Great stuff… Ay thoughts as to what I need to do to diet you guys to include links to the fatbike stories I’m writing on my blog? Let me know what you think…

    Matt Gersib
    Lincoln, NE