Fat-Bikes on a Ferry

Four of us rode the High Speed Ferry from Milwaukee to Muskegon last week to meet up with some Michigan amigos to enjoy 3 days of beach riding. We left our cars behind and spent the weekend in Grand Haven (about 20 miles south of Muskegon). Between our friends in Grand Haven and Liisa  – who has a house over there….we enjoyed pretty cushy accommodations for the weekend and managed to party like rock stars!

Day One

Liisa hitting the sand bar…

I really looked forward to the boat ride and the big lake was in a nice calm mood, when we cast off – just past noon. We secured our fatties below deck and hung out on the top sundeck. One hundred and fifty minutes later we were 80 miles east, in Muskegon. Our amigo, James met us at the dock and joined us for the 18 miles ride, along the beach, down to Grand Haven.

Puck and Lisa – Knee Deep


James – making a splash


Liisa (with two i’s)


las bicicletas gordas, me gusta


We made our way to Grand Haven and rode directly to the ‘Tip-A-Few‘ for refreshments. The place was packed with a friendly crowd, all of whom, were super curious about our fat tires and our ferry trip. “Wet burritos and Bells Oberon for everyone!” Some time, early Saturday morning we rode our bikes to bed.


Day Two

616’s fat tandem


Later Saturday morning (after a bit of sleep) we met up with Aaron from 616 to get some photos of their new fat tandem. Our plan was to ride south to Port Sheldon and back (20+miles). Nate from Central District Cyclery, joined us along with his amigo Unicorn (Charlie). James and Tawya from Snow Frog Design and Mike , a science teacher, from Manistee, rounded out the group.


James, Tawnya, Nate & Aaron – riding to Port Sheldon


Mike, Aaron & Sven


Gomez, Mike and the Unicorn


Aaron’s Six-1-Six


Puck on point…


one surly, two salsas, three schlicks and a flotilla of 6 one 6’s


On our way south, we encountered another fat-biker, piloting a Moonlander. I think that was the first time that I’ve ever run into another rider out on the beach! This beach riding thing is catching on! My liberal application of beer, the night before, caught up with me somewhere on the ride back from Port Sheldon and I suffered for the last hour or so. When I got back, we found the rest of the group out on Bil-Mar’s beachfront deck, enjoying some coldies and pub grub. (The place keeps a live goat tethered to the front door so you know it’s gotta be good!) We all agree’d that the ride was a total blast! We rode back to James and Tawnya’s house for a barbeque with ice cold beer, a few rounds of washers, great food, whiskey over ice, and a nice fire. By the time the third shift of party guests shot off their last fireworks it was around 4:30 on Sunday morning……just 12 hours before our Ferry god-mother was scheduled to sail us back to Kilwaukee.


Day Three

We all met at the Morning Star for breakfast at around nine and had just enough time to clean up and relax a moment before starting our ride back to the Ferry in Muskegon. We decided to just take it easy and leave plenty of time for pictures along our way back north.


Tawnya riding the pow!


puck verde




Me and puck coming off the beach in Muskegon


A 3 day weekend, with 60+ miles of gorgeous sunny beach riding left us a little tucker’d out, but with big, ear-2-ear, grins. Huge thanks to our Michigan fat-bike amigos for showing us such gracious hospitailty! To our readers – go visit Michigan – the beach riding is spectacular!

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7 Responses to Fat-Bikes on a Ferry

  1. Mike Jura June 28, 2012 at 9:21 pm #

    Thanks for keeping me in the loop. Had a great time on the ride. Sorry I had to jet. Kids were glad to have dad back to swim with them. Next time.

  2. Scott Linnenburger June 28, 2012 at 9:43 pm #

    A day at the beach with Nate and the Unicorn? I think I had a sweaty, screaming nightmare…

  3. WILL June 29, 2012 at 8:22 pm #

    Hey, I’m from Vermont, but I’ll be working in Muskegon in a week or so. Never had an opportunity to ride a fattie on sand. Any chance I could borrow one for an afternoon?
    Drop me an email.

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