Moonlander – Mission 1.1 – Frame Pack – (MM2-SSB/ON)

 Houston this is Moonlander; all systems are go…..again…

After almost one full earth orbit, my Surly Moonlander (Thparkle) is in need of a replacement, heavy duty frame bag. In the last eleven months, We’ve put lots of hours in, riding together with a frame bag made by our west coast amigo, Cale (the locust). Thparkle and I have taken a few trips and stuffed a lot of crap into Cale’s bag, but it’s starting to tear at the zipper from over stuffing. I now see that I probably require something more bomb-proof, to stand up against my propensity to cram bulky loads in to my bag.

This situation has given new life to the, previously scuttled, Moonlander Space Suit Bag Project (MM1-SSB). The MM2-SSB/ON prototype is currently in the design phase and production could start before the end of 2012. Rigorous field testing will be conducted throughout 2013.

The MM2-SSB/ON is being built by Oveja Negra Threadworks in Leadville Colorado. My  friend, James introduced me to Oveja Negra’s (ON) bags on our fat-pack trip in the UP earlier this summer. After seeing the quality craftsmanship that the (ON) bags possess, both Julio and I ordered front end loader and lunch box bags for our recent beach rat weekend in the Sleeping Bear Dunes. Julio also ordered a half-pack frame bag from them. So when I called Monty at Oveja Negra last week to tell him one of our readers had posted a question about their bags on the site, I had an ulterior motive. I wanted to ask if they could make me a full frame bag. Oveja Negra makes a half-pack frame bag that leaves space to run bottles and cages, but I  want as much space as I can get in my frame bag. I mentioned my request to Monty and he said, “Sure, we can make you a full frame bag!”.  We talked about how he wanted me to draw a template of my frame and Monty sent me the following email to help me make the tracing. I thought it would be something, from which, other fat-bikers could benefit, if they ever wanted to order a custom frame bag.

Hey Gomez,

Thanks for the call earlier. In regards to the custom frame bag, we would be glad to stitch one up for you and Thparkle. I wanted to reiterate the specifics of the tracing; make sure all braze-ons are marked (cable stops, exterior water bottle mounts, front derailleur layout, and top tube bag strapping). I’ll noted that you prefer a single compartment bag w/ a map pocket on the opposite side (non-drive) as we discussed earlier. We have a turn around time of roughly 3-4 weeks from the time we get your tracing. We’ll look for your tracing in the mail! Shot me an email if you have any other concerns or questions or to let me know what you decide for color schemes, etc.

Thanks Again- Monty

Julio and my current bag situation – In addition to the bags marked in the photograph is an (ON) Snack Pack – top tube bag.

So there you have it….I hope my trusty patched Locust Bag lasts until we can start the field trials on the new (MM2-SSB/ON). Stay tuned for more reports, reviews, trips and silly (photoshop’d) pictures coming at you on FDBDC!


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