FAT-Tribe Thursday ♦ Colorado – WI – MI – Utah – WI

Our first 3 shots this week come from Max Cooper by way of his amigo Kevin Ott. Kevin shot them at the fat-bike race in Crested Butte a couple of weeks ago. Max lives in Telluride and is hosting the Stomparillaz event there on February 23rd.

Boom Box Wheelie CB

Max – Stunt Research!

Max Cooper - Crested Butte

Lucky 13

Crested Butte Hand Trike

Custom Machines: Chad on his ReActive Adaptations Fat Hand Cycle

Mi hermano, djmac with his snow-blind freedom machine on the H8tr

Woody ITI Bike

Michigan – Woody’s Deep Purple Mukluk all rigged for a run at the 2013 Iditirod Trail Invitational

Mark Peterson

 Fat Bike Films Executive Producer, Mark Peterson, captured mid-bliss. ~ Photo By Preston Roylance


Last but not least, if you’ve been looking at the pictures of people having the time of their lives at fat bike races and festivals, but haven’t gotten to one yet, you need to go soon. Events are going to get bigger and more crowded as more people purchase these incredibly fun bicycles. Sweet grassroots events like the sweaty yeti will be something we think of fondly as the ‘good old days’ of Fat-Bike Racing, some day. The yeti is this Sunday and is held at one of my favorite trail systems in the state and hosted by one of Wisconsin’s most respected trail builders, Steve Meurett. The sweaty yeti is right on the way home for a lot of us coming back from Frost Bike or PWC* . Why not drop in for a few laps?

*PWC also rocks!

So that’s it for this week’s fat-tribe family reunion. Keep those cards and letters coming. Send your submissions to with ‘fat-tribe’ in the subject. If you send me your snail mail address along with your video and photo contributions I’ll mail you some groovy sticker-age while supplies last.

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