Trash Bags Face Mask ~ Review

Written and Photographed by : Colin Ford – Bike Black Ribbon Test Pilot – Former Undisputed Bantam-Weight Pugsley World Champion


image_4So earlier this winter, some time during January, I ordered a custom Trash Bags Facemask.  It’s made from Polartec Windblock fabric and Cordura, with a awesome fuzzy furry inside. Made for Couriers (by couriers) in the Frozen Northland of MPLS the facemask can be ordered in a variety of accent colors through though the main parts of the mask remain black….and is frugally priced at 27$!!  Such a killer deal for this believe-you-me.

The day that UPS delivered my facemask, I immediately tried it on and noted that the fuzzy interior of the mask is extremely comfortable.  However the fuzzys near your mouth will stick to you if you lick your lips or are trying to stick your tongue out at some malcontent driving by.  This will go away after a few serious rides with the mask.   It took me about 4 rides to get mine all buffed out.
This thing is cut masterfully, not too high up on the nose, gives you a serious throat shield, and wont restrict your peripheral vision.  And it looks great in neon green.  You might need to adjust your helmet strap a bit longer to make sure you are comfortable while riding.
Now to the out of doors!!!
ride side
First and foremost.  This thing is ridiculously warm.  I’m talking don’t wear this if its not below 20 degrees with some 10+ mph winds kind of weather.  In below 10deg weather, this facemask really excels and will keep even the most babyfaced gaucho warm.  The wind-blocking  capabilities are superb.  I mean ride into a 20mph gusting headwind and nothing gets through this.  NOTHING!!  The fuzz keeps a naturally warm air barrier between you and the outside of the mask.  I have had some wind come down my jacket from being blocked by the mask, but it is pretty nice when you’re riding hard to have a little bit o’ ventilation going down near thy still beating heart.
In addition to the awesome warmth and wind blocking capabilities of this facemask there is one HUGE bonus hidden in the simplest of devices.  Found on almost all facemasks since the near extinction of the button.  Velcro is essential.  Not all velcro is created equal.  This velcro is Courier strength… I mean not going to loose your precious package due to crappy velcro strong.  I even did this test with 3 mini U locks on it and it held no problem even with shaking and throttling this thing held strong as F@^K.  I cant see this wearing out any time soon.
All I can come up with to knock this great device is that when its over 20 degrees its too warm.  And if you’re riding with a big group of Amigos and would like to talk loads of smack about their inferior drinking habits, well its hard to talk (or drink or grab a pinchie) through a big fuzzy mask.  There is another piece of gear perfect for such described debauchery, but well get to that later.
All in all, Id say, this is a amazing piece of gear for those of us that ride in super frigid weather often.  AND ITS CUSTOM!! AND CHEAP!!  AND MADE IN THE USA BY COURIERS!!!


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6 Responses to Trash Bags Face Mask ~ Review

  1. Drumomatic March 4, 2013 at 4:01 pm #

    Looks like a great product! What’s the alternative piece of gear for less frigid weather? I grapple with this all the time… I mostly use a windstopper balaclava, but sometimes that’s too much.

    • Gomez March 4, 2013 at 5:12 pm #

      I use a beard, but a buff works pretty well for the shaven crowd.

  2. tbutter March 4, 2013 at 4:33 pm #

    Wear it in the gas station.

  3. gecho March 4, 2013 at 6:19 pm #

    Ideally something like this would allow the nose and mouth cover to be opened / closed single handed on the move to prevent fogging while stopped or travelling down wind. Something that fastens behind your head, requiring two hands isn’t ideal ergonomics.

    I have an OR Gorilla Balaclava, which itself is too warm for riding. But by adding velcro strips to a stretch poly balaclava I can use the velcro face mask part.

  4. mikE March 4, 2013 at 8:13 pm #

    At those temps i often need ski goggles. I usually find these kinds of masks cause the goggles to fog up almost instantly. Did you try them with goggles or glasses?

  5. Steve December 7, 2013 at 12:14 pm #

    This is a great piece of kit! I just got back from a motorcycle ride with temps at 7-14°f going 70mph, kept my face quite comfortably warm.

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