Weekly Dose of Fat – 1-3-2014

Extra Crispy Trail on New Years Eve

Extra Crispy Trail Conditions

I’m hopping on a jet-plane that’s headed to Alaska today! My gracious hosts, while I’m in Alaska will be 9:Zero:7 and Fatback! The plan, is to give you all a peek behind the scenes of these two well respected and innovative Alaskan fat-bike companies. While I’m in Anchorage, I hope to also get a chance to take a ride with Eric Parsons, of Revelate Designs, to check out his new pogies and baggage! There’s so much going on in the fat-bike world right now! Race season is now in full swing. Check out our Event Calendar to learn about fat bike races/demos/festivals in your area. There are two, fat-bike trail advocacy events, coming up this month, that we want to encourage fat-bikers to support! Sven will be headed to  The Midwest Fat Bike Access and Grooming Workshop in a week and we’re working on a series of articles about grooming to share with you, all month long. We can’t mention fat-bike trail advocacy without mentioning The Fat Bike Summit in Ogden, Utah later this month. Ogden native, Mark Peterson, will be covering the Summit and sharing reports, right here, on Fat-Bike!

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  1. Joe January 4, 2014 at 2:00 am #

    Email me if you wanna rideWhile you’re in town! I have both a 9zero7 and a Fatback so I got a spare bike for ya!!

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