Fat (video) Tuesday ♦ Knik Glacier

I had the pleasure of meeting Randy Armstrong at the Frosty Bottom awards ceremony when I visited Anchorage in January. Randy is also a past winner of our photo contest from a couple of years back! He sent me a video that he put together about a ride that he’s been dreaming about. This is what he had to share about his trip up the Knik River.

“For years I’ve been intrigued about making the trip from my home in

Anchorage, fatbiking up the Knik River to its headwaters – the Knik Glacier.

Photographs I’ve seen over the years featured iceberg formations that you

could ride alongside in the winter, and I knew I’d have to make the trip

someday and get some photographs for myself.

The face of the Knik Glacier terminates in a lake, and the icebergs that

calf float there until they melt, as the outlet for the lake is neither wide

nor deep enough to allow them to escape. In winter the formations are

trapped in the lake surface ice, which is thick enough to support riders.

We’ve been experiencing mild conditions in southcentral Alaska lately. I

took advantage of a Friday off that presented blue skies by biking up the

Knik River to explore the area. I’d never been on the route before, so

between scouting and one detour to make a safe river crossing it was a four

hour ride.

We’ve just exceeded twelve hours of daylight, so figured I had about four

hours to see the sights and set up for some photographs before making my

return and avoid darkness as I didn’t bring lights. With a substantial

backpack load of photo gear I had I tried to cut corners elsewhere.

And what an incredible experience it turned out to be. Otherworldly,

unforgettable, and bucket-list-material come to mind.

Great stuff Randy! Thanks for sharing your fat-venture with us!

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