Reader’s Ride(s) – Jean Marc’s Custom Steel Victoire Cycles Fat-bike


Victoire Cycles in France had this story on their website about a custom, lightweight, steel fat-bike that they built for customer Jean Marc. Just so happens that our International Man About Town, Mark Peterson, is in contact with the owner of this one-off steed and asked him to write a bit about the rig. To maintain the authentic French flavor of this piece I left the text Jean Marc sent in it’s original format.

Shall we begin? Jean Marc says:

I live in the center of France in the Auvergne region at 1240 m altitude. I drive Fat Bike for 2 1/2 years. For me the Fat is a bike without technology, with a minimum of maintenance to run on all terrains and in all seasons. There are four months of snow at home and the Fat with tubeless tires, it’s great on snow, but for me a Fat bike, this should not necessarily be heavy and geometry made for stability. I wanted a light fat, and fun to drive. So I contact the company that manufactures Victoire Cycles bike frames custom steel. They made me a Fat frame with short chainstays exactly as I wanted and also a beautiful painting. The result after installation, it is the contrast of fine steel tubes and big fat tires, I love it. It has a sleek line and weight is impressive 10 kgrs (about 22 pounds!) with Pedals. Driving, this is a real toy, quick, nervous and handy cornering. Victoire Cycles have built my frame that matches what I wanted. Bravo, very good work and thank you to them.




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  1. RobB August 14, 2014 at 4:49 pm #

    Sounds like a sweet ride and only 22lbs!!! Sahweeeeet!

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