Weekly Dose of Fat Radio – Show #43 – Sean Coffey Interview


Weekly Dose of Fat Show #43, Friday February 13th 2015 – Sean Coffey from Ritchey Interview

We’ve got J.K Livin’ here in the studio today to give us a hand as well as sit in guest, Tony Berger!

This show is sponsored by the Surly Insulating Sheath. It’s a Coozy – Tallboy sized.Check them out at –

On this week’s show?

  • We have reached 18,000 like on the Facebook
  • Beers and a couple of beards
  • Gomez checks in from Alaska
  • We talk to Sean Coffey from Ritchey
  • We announce the winner of the Megalith from State Bicycle Company
  • Links from far and wide

Beards and Beer

Beer Talk


Das Can-in-Stein

Interview with Sean Coffey from Ritchey 

Weekly Dose of Internet Fat

45NRTH’s Groomed Singletrack website

Our winner of the State Bicycle Company Megalith Fat-bike is….Chris Stewart! Thanks to all of you who entered!


History of Fatbikes en Espaniol

Pugsley Worlds details in a poster

Christopher Tassava shares his experience at JayP’s Backyard Fat Pursuit

Flicker Set of the Frosty Hog in Milwaukee

Ice riding in Swedish Lapland

Jill is back on a fat-bike

Gear Junkie and QBP’s 10 Years of Fat Bikes

Pix from the Alley Loop Fat-bike Race in Crested Butte

CoastKid rides in February!

Fatbike Brigade’s 3rd Winter Randonee is coming up

Bikes and Beer

Fat-bikes in the WY wyld

CBS news reports…

Rebecca Rusch in SI

Surly blog pics

Gear Junkie on 10 Years of Fat-Bikes

Reindeer and Fat Bikes: Racing in the Finnish Lapland

So long!

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