Mr Tuffy XL-Series Tire Liners for Fat-bikes

mr-tuffy-fat-bike-linerMade of durable, lightweight urethane, Mr. Tuffy tire liners are now available for fat-bikes and provide a protective layer between the outer tire and inner tube. Urethane has a property which makes it very elastic. When a thorn or piece of glass attempts to penetrate the Mr. Tuffy liner it comes up against a surface that is both hard and elastic. The object pushes against the surface which gives way while resisting initial penetration.

3 Sizes to fit a range of tires

  • MSRP $36.00 for 26”/29” x 2.35”-3.0”
  • MSRP $57.00 for 26”/29” x 3.1”-4.0”
  • MSRP $79.00 for 26”/29” x 4.1”-5.0”

Check in with your local bike shop if tire liners for your fat-bike make sense where you ride.

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  1. I wonder if these would be enough to cover up grip stud auger threads? Trax Fatty’s didn’t quite have enough tread depth for studs, so they poke through a bit. Winter flats suck.

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