Reader’s Ride(s) – D.R.’s 2015 Genesis Caribou – UK Model


Photo: D R Floyd


Dave Floyd sent us this story about his 2015 Genesis Caribou which he rides in and around Hampshire, UK. Here is what he has to say along with a few pix that he took. Take it away Mr. Floyd!

There’s usually one or two days of settled snow here a year so you wouldn’t think a fatbike would be much use, but we have miles and miles of coastline and thousands of hectares of national park here in Hampshire so plenty of opportunity for sand riding, ALT singletracking and Fat XC.

The bike was bought from the excellent guys at my LBS, Hargroves Cycles in Southampton, I checked out the demo bike and discussed the Caribou and fatbiking in general with them at length. I then went off to research Genesis Bikes and liked their ethos, love of steel and acceptance of the practicalities of cycling.

Having decided to accept the speed vs fun trade off, I bought the bike, and rode it as supplied for 4 days, then took it back and had the shop change the saddle to a Specialized Phenom Comp, as the original was a cheap, flexy, own branded jobbie. I have also fitted a Crudcatcher Original front mudguard, handy, perfectly spaced mounting bosses on the down tube allow a bolt on fitting. I have also added a single BBB Black anodized aluminum bottle cage to the seat tube.

Other than the above the bike is is stock for now. I will be experimenting with tyre pressure on the stock Vee Rubber Mission 26×4.0 Tyres.


Photo: D R Floyd



Photo: D R Floyd



Photo: D R Floyd


It would ge good to see the Caribou get a wider audience as the steel frame is sweet, see the pic of the headstock? with the open ended “spring” gussets and the collars top and bottom of the headtube, nice welding, thick, lustrous, paint and a plethora of mounting bosses. It’s peachy!


Photo: D R Floyd


3 Responses to Reader’s Ride(s) – D.R.’s 2015 Genesis Caribou – UK Model

  1. coastkid May 4, 2015 at 1:09 pm #

    Always thought the Caribou is very unadvertised here in the UK,
    I frame prepped and built up one of these out the box for a friend and it is indeed a nice built bike.
    Selling the frameset only as an option would increase interest in this UK design Fatbike for those who are looking to build a Fatbike using parts to hand,

  2. Haust May 19, 2015 at 3:11 pm #

    Agreed. I’m trying to get one of these in to the US and having a heck of a time. This has to be the best looking fat bike, on the market. It’s just really very tasteful, with none of the extra bobs and curves that other manufactures use as visual fluff. I would love to get my hands on last year’s frame in a large.

  3. Steve January 8, 2016 at 11:11 am #

    Just took delivery of my 2015 Caribou and took it for a blast on the beach. What a hoot! Immediately apparent that the tyres have to go. Too heavy and (for the first time I’ve ever experienced it on a bicycle) too much oversteer.
    Going to pop a pair of Juggernaut pro folding 4.0’s on it next week whilst also ditching the tubes….that’ll get that rolling resistance down! 🙂

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