Fat (video) Tuesday – Fun on the Fox River

Matt Haiduk sent us a clip of some late summer suburban fat-bike funski’s on the Fox River. The fat-bike dot com research bunker and testing grounds are nestled in the terminal moraines about 70 miles (as the crow flies) up river from where Matt plies his trade as a fat-bike evangelist to the brothers and sisters of Geneva Illinois! This is what Matt had to say about his clip –

As summer winds down, I offer another video. Not as awesome as most of the stuff you post, but it’s as awesome as suburban Chicago fat biking can get.

Matt’s video illustrates one of the things about fat-bikes that has been paramount in the creation of a robust synergy that fat bikes have created for cyclists all around the world, today…..a little something called FUN!

you’wanna go play bikes?  ~gomez~

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