The Summer Sticker Boondoggle!

If you’ve been a reader of Fat-Bike dot com, over the last 4 years, you know that we love to give away stickers. We’ve had some doozies over the years and this latest batch, might just be, the best ever. This is also the first batch that features our updated logo, which makes all of our older stickers, collector’s items! I think that this is the first time that we’ve offered two different designs at the same time and both of these designs were created by fine artists that created sticker art worthy of the term – awesome!

thparkle mock up

Our first design is a portrait by Garret Olsen, of my Moonlander, that I named Thparkle. Thparkle is all decked out for a Michigan fat-packing trip that mi primo, Julio, and I took a couple of years back. The sticker is printed on clear vinyl and die cut so it looks particularly great, when applied almost anywhere!

raven mock up

The next design is a painting by Mimi Matsuda, which features Raven (the trickster) with a fat-bike wheel in it’s beak. Mimi also created a sticker for us, back in the day, that featured a polar bear riding a fat-bike with the aurora borealis swirling across the arctic sky. This version is printed on white vinyl label stock.

How can you get these sweet stickers?

I’m so very glad you asked! We have two ways for you to get your hands on some stickers till they’re gone!

1) The first way is to email us a cool picture of your fat-bike, out for some summer mileage. I can’t tell you how many bike industry people that think fat-bikes are only good for snow. Let’s provide these industry people with some real tangible evidence to the contrary. Please put Summer in the Subject line of your email and send it to uncle Please include your name and address and we’ll send some stickerage out to you via the USPS. We’ll feature the photos that you send us, all over the interwebs, via instagram, twitter, facebook and maybe even google plus or tumblr. So please make them scenic, rad or at the very least, in focus (do your best).

2) You can also send a self addressed stamped envelope to us (address is at the bottom of the post*) and bam! you’ll get some stickers.

Send SASE to : ♦ 105 Evergreen Lane ♦ Twin Lakes, WI 53181

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  1. preston jones July 9, 2015 at 6:47 am #

    Will send pic via email