Fat (Video) Tuesday – Fat bike in the Rain and Snow on Tal-y-fan Conwy Wales

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John from Wales sent us a link to this video as well as the following words to describe the ride. Enjoy!

Well, after having my fat bike for well over a year I finally got to take it out in the snow. Over the last week I could see from work a good fall of snow and was itching to take the Fat-bike for its maiden ride in the snow.

As the week went by it seemed to get whiter and whiter on the hills and Saturdays weather forecast was pure sunshine. Saturday came I woke up ready to go only to see rain hitting the window but decided it had to just be a shower and headed out. As I approached Conwy it was clear to me that the sun was not going to come out and the slow bike ride to the top of the pass was one of slight disappointment which only got worse as I found the low snow lines of yesterday had become further away. My mood changed when at last I could see the white stuff and pushed onto my a nice frozen white world it was amazing and the fat bike took it in with ease.

I arrived at the base of Tal-y-fan (Wales) and decided to try and get to the top….It was hard going as the snow was soft and got deeper as I went further up and sadly the weather came in and could hardly see the floor. I decided to head down and what a ride it was many offs and plenty of laughs.

As I headed back, the snow turned into a muddy and slushy ride and felt like a kid again getting covered from head to toe in mud.

I headed home on the road I had so many looks at the state of me and decided maybe the planned pub stop should wait till after a shower. Once home and clean I enjoyed a takeaway and a few ales and hoped that more snow would come soon.

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