Fat (video) Tuesday – Summer In the Canadian Arctic

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Last week, Melainie Wilson sent in a video that features a peek at what summer looks like at 69NRTH. This is what Mel shared with us about the clip.

Hey Gomez – Take a look at my first video that  I’ve ever done 🙂 it is FAT BIKING on the Melville Peninsula, Nunavut CANADA. 69 degrees North! Summer in the Arctic is not your typical summer, but when the sun shines 24 hours a day, there’s liquid water on top of the ice and you can actually expose your skin to the elements- well that’s summer enough for us! I also just got back from fat biking for a month in Scotland so I will have another video coming soon!!!

-Melanie Wilson

We’re putting together a care package to send up to Mel and her pet polar bear and if you have a hosted video, that you think our readers would enjoy, we’ll put something together for you too! We have stamps and gnomes that gnow how to use them. Drop me a line at uncle gomez@fat-bike.com



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