Kona WoZo Preview – By Dustin Carlson




A trail fat bike? I thought fat bikes were only good for snow and sand! Well, Kona is out to prove the naysayers wrong. The Wozo is a beautiful mix of the trail-shredding Honzo and the Wo fat bike that Kona offers. With its aggressive geometry, Schwalby Jumbo Jim tires, 100mm Bluto fork, and bullet proof 7005 aluminum frame, the Wozo is capable of riding any terrain! Let me elaborate on the tires for a second. Kona has gone with 4.8” in the front and 4” in the back, a genius idea. Maximize the traction in the front while minimizing the rolling resistance in the back. Did I mention this is genius? Paired with a 1X11 SRAM GX drivetrain, this bike is absolutely going to live up to its trail-shredding heritage.


The specifications are hard to beat at $2300


I wasted zero time, to try this bike out. It is well built and well spec’d. Check out some video of a run down Alaska Trail below.

Stand by for my full review in a couple months and I’ll let you know what broke first. Me or the Wozo!


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2 Responses to Kona WoZo Preview – By Dustin Carlson

  1. maros September 19, 2016 at 4:00 pm #

    nice price tag, my beargrease carbon is twice as much as this wozo

  2. modo September 19, 2016 at 5:03 pm #

    Tempted to try the R4 F4.8 set up.

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