Twin Six Green Wednesday!

Just in time for the holidays Minneapolis company Twin-Six  is having a sale TODAY, Wednesday 11/23 on all of their gear with the idea that if you shop today you can ride your bike on Friday and escape the madness (and lines, and grandmas fist-fighting in the big-box stores)…doesn’t that sound nice? I would highly suggest that everyone take advantage of this stellar deal because Twin Six is one of those brands that no matter the chill makes me feel all warm-n-fuzzy inside because they make some quality stuff!

I’ve had the pleasure of riding many a T6 kit in my time on the bike and I can say with confidence their Standard bib shorts (men’s link here!) and the chamois sewn into them is one of the best I have ever ridden in. I can distinctly remember sliding on my first pair of Standards and a small “ooh” escaped my lips as they glided on to softly hug my hips. I don’t know if the fabric they use is made from the downy feathers of baby birds or what but it’s a very soft and pleasing sensation.

img_7052 img_7055

Along with the standard bibs, if you’re interested in a more exciting kit, they’ve got a whole host of more exciting bib shorts to choose from.


What would a kit be with out a nice jersey? They also make a whole bunch of fun jerseys for both ladies and men  of which I also have a few and love. Their designs are some of the most fun I’ve seen without looking kind of tacky or boring. Also well constructed, they wick well and fit nicely.



Aaaand they look great a bit muddy too…


If you’ve got a friend who likes a good bike t-shirt, well ladies and gents, Twin-Six has also got you covered there in both the long and short sleeve variety! Along with a handful of designs that you can pick up whenever you’d like, T6 has a shirt of the month that’s well worth signing up on their e-mail list for. Make sure to snag them quick though because they do sell out fast.  It would be amiss for me to not mention that although I identify as a “wool hoarder” about 80% of the cotton t’s I own are by Twin Six because I can’t stop myself when I see their fun designs. All look great on and off the bike.


Aaand for those who like to give socks as presents (as a child I hated this, as an adult I am pretty much begging for socks for holidays/birthdays/any reason) they’ve got you covered there as well.


There are SO MANY things to find on their site, including some new wind and rain jackets and riding pants, knickers, thermal tights and bike accessories. They even have their own fat bike on there (and skinnier tires if you like those too!) It’s kind of a one-stop shop. I’d recommend cruising their site any time of year but especially now when there are $aving$ to be had.

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