The Weekly Dose of Fat Show 123 – Interview with Nate as in the guy the Surly Nate Tire Was Named After

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The Weekly Dose of Fat – Show Number 123 – Friday, February 24th 2017 wherein we interview Nate as in the guy the Surly Nate tire was named after, Zito joins us in the studio, Nick Holzem, the points leader in the Hugh Pass Fat-bike Series also stops by plus we’ve got Travis and Chewey on the horn! It is a good one folks!

FYI, that photo up there came courtesy of Chris who took it on a recent workout ride on his local beach at Ocean View, in Dunedin, New Zealand. Thanks, Chris!

On this week’s show:

  • We Start the show with the Event of the Week
  • We Welcome Nate as our special guest
  • We share Links from the internet
  • We check in with the Fatty Farm Field Report where we talk with Nick Holzem – the leader in the Hugh Jass Fat-Bike Race Series
  • And In our special segment, All Things Political?

The Fat Bike Event of the Week this week is the Dogman Challenge in Charlevoy Michigan.


The Dogman Challenge is this Saturday February 25th and is a 2 hour winter endurance event held entirely on the multi-use trails around Mt. McSauba Recreation Area and North Point Nature Preserve in Charlevoix, MI. Check it out at –

There are a lot of races scheduled for this coming weekend. Probably best to check conditions at whatever event you are considering, considering the warm weather a lot of the country has been experiencing!

A bit of beverage and beard talk

Special Guest – Zito interviews Nate of Surly Nate tire fame

Fatty Farm Field Report – Nick Holzem Interview

Fat-bike Links

Frozen Fat Fondo Fest News Report – Beverages!

Matt Acker’s Beard is becoming a Bike Hippie

Love Letter

This one’s for Zito – Tasmania

Iceberg Winter Triathlon – Ski-Bike-Snowshoe

Gravel in February – Frostbite 40

Susitna – slower than average finish with soft ass conditions –

New Packages from Cycle Monkey for Ventana El Gordo Fat-bike / Rohloff SpeedHub XL combos –

Photo-filled post from Bruce –

Thar be fat-bikes in this post to Salsa’s Blog –

480-km ice road bike ride caps ultramarathoner’s month of Arctic adventure –

For all you Strava Heads, now you can do it without your phone –

Cheap way to save 80g! –

Here is a link from the local Anchorage newspaper on the Icy River Rampage race, Travis’s first race in 25 years! (Photos) –

Sunday Morning Sunshine Ride –

Special Segment – Travis will call in and talk about the Big Fat Ride.

During show #122 –  we talked to 4 on them 5 winners of 5 prize packages and we hadn’t been able to  touch in get with the 5th winner – Devin Marsh. Devin is a member of the United States Army and is stationed over in Germany, so we couldn’t get him on the phone, but we want to that him for his service and make sure that he knows that his prize package is on the way via the US Mail.

Devin’s prize package includes – Charlie the Bikemonger’s Grundle Butter, Bead Slip from Uncle Dick and soft goods from fat-bike companies like RSD Bikes, Broken Spoke Bike Studio, Hed, Bontrager, Framed Bikes and the friendly folks at Surly Bikes.

All Things Political

Outdoor Retailer is pulling out, Interbike is removing the state from future consideration as a trade show location, NAHBS will not plan future shows in the state and IMBA’s new ED Dave Weins applauds the decisions! Who got all these industry groups that work so hard to make our cycling experiences great all riled up? Utah gubna Gary Herbert, that’s who! Why? His assault on public lands, privatization of said public spaces and actively embracing the idea of transferring America’s public lands to the state. Good one, Mate!

Listener Questions!

Chris from Sitka says– Hey guys! Love the show and all the awesome reviews you guys post! I’m looking at building a summer set of wheels for my 2016 Trek Farley 7 and my head is about to burst trying to decide which route to go. So many options these days! Basically i am torn between 29+ width x 3″ (chupacabra) and a 27.5 x 3.8″ ( Maxxis FBF/FBR). The wheels are carbon and laced to DT 350’s and the price is within $100 so that’s not an issue. I find the BB on the low side already on the Farley and think the 29+ would bring it up a bit more for summer riding. My winter setup is 26″ Mulefut with Barbagezis or D5s depending on conditions. Thanks for the wonderful words of wisdom! Koookarootz!!!! Chris Anderson

James Comments: I’d like to see a story addressing why so few manufacturers put rear-rack bosses on their bikes. I can’t be the only human on the planet who wants to commute with a fat bike and carry stuff using the same panniers I use on my road bike. Seems like well over 90% of the fat bikes are missing the very simple feature. Those seat post racks are awful and that Thule seat stay rack is $100!

We got a shout out to Chris Daisy from another Chris who Comments: Really like your podcast. What is the name of the song and artist for episode #115 opening segment? Chris, that one was called Fat Rasta and our musical director, Mr Chris Daisy from Zion Cyclery whipped up that little diddy for us!

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Next Time!

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