The Weekly Dose of Fat – July 21st 2017

The 509 TI Jabit III ridden by Cole House to victory in the 2017 USA Cycling Fat-Bike National Championship on display up at Broken Spoke Bike Studio in Green Bay, Wisconsin

We’ve got plus and fat-bike testing going on here in Wisconsin and out in Utah. Over in the UK, our amigo, Jeff Price, is leaving on a trip of a lifetime over in Iceland and I’m fresh off of a trip up to Green Bay to ride the beach and then over to Wausau, to ride 9 Mile County Forest. If you haven’t ridden there in awhile, you need to put that on your list of trails to visit. The dudes at Rock Solid Trail Contracting have been reworking some of the trails and if you like flow, you’re going to love the new twisties on the West Loop.

Next week, the Black Ribbon Bike Hour returns to our ‘lazy susan’ of cycling podcasts. We have a new line-up for our original show, “The Occasional Dose of Fat”. We’ll be recording the show from Madison Wisconsin and our two new on air personalities are Leia Schneeberger and JP Syverud. Look for Show #$128 coming later in August. We now sport four different shows and if you haven’t listened to one of our podcasts yet, buy yourself a sixer of ten percent scotch ale and get acquainted. Fat-Bike Radio is Sponsored by Surly Bikes. Check out that ad at the top of the page. Click on that ad and go take a look at the new Surly Krampus and tell me what you think down in the comments.

EVENT of the WEEK(s)

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Fat-Bike categories across the board and new buff flow trail await at the Wausau 24

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Last year this was called Klunkerfunk and it was a great event. I went and had a total blast! This year, there’s a new name, but all of the same grass roots bike festival goodness, are back. The whole shindig is sponsored by Surly, and I assure you, that those cats from Surly, know how to play bikes and have fun.


Plus-e-bike Trail-building Bike and Tool Trailer – Part 1 –, Part 2 –

Brother Bjorn and Sister Kim doing amazing fat-bike trips up in the AK –

Local Dudes that are taking Trailbuilding to new levels of awesome –

There’s a Gnome in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza –

The 509 ti Jabit III at the top of the page –


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