The Black Ribbon Bike Hour – Show #7 – The All-Crazy Show



That’s right we’re back with Lucky show #7 and in honor of gnomes and table games we’ll be playing dice games throughout the tonight’s gala radio broadcast. This week’s show truly brings the power of exponential chaos. Show #7 is the Directorial debut for our amigo Evan. Evan’s joined in the studio by, cult leader, Chris Daisy and gomez (the horrible). Show #7 also features (In Studio Guest) – Gnorme

Flip the angry gnome.

We call’m Flip because his middle finger on both hands is broken and stuck in the ole byrdsong

The Bike Black Ribbon Soap Opera

Gnorme and the Chicago Operation


Desert Dispatch Dos w/Nate W.

Bears – Texts – Embargo-fest – Surly Ogre Pocket Knife


– Saddledrive Discussions

– The Wolf Tooth B-Rad Base 2

Black Ribbon Liquor Cabinet

Knobb Creek Maple which warms my soul and my appendages.  

Events – The Beulah Boogie

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  1. Erv Spanks August 29, 2017 at 6:11 am #

    Finally got a chance to partake in the wonderfully organic decomposition into the ultimate giggle-fest that is show #7. Gnorme was like Statler and Waldorf all rolled into one, such fun. Hope show #8 is just as great! Thanks for listing me as one of your 2 listeners Mr. Daisy!

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