The Weekly Dose of Fat News Digest – Los Días de Perro del Verano

Welcome to the Center for Kindness to Fat & Plus Bikes. A place where ‘fun’ is the prime directive. You might think of us as fat dash bike dot com, or the Weekly Dose of Fat or maybe even fat bike radio, but today we’re gonna go old school and share some fat and plus bike news sans podcast. That’s the way we did it for years, before we started to record podcasts. So every now and again, we might report the fat and plus news in this sort of format. If you have an opinion about whether you prefer to read vs. listen to the Dose of Fat, let us know, downstairs in the comments window.

So without further delay or explanation, we now send you to the News Desk, anchored by: Uncle Gomez…

What’s Coming Up on

Andy from Fat Camp’s Review of the 27.5+ RSD Sergeant

Aristotle’s Review of the Framed Marquette

Nick Holzem’s Review of the Eleven Fat Bike

Greg Matyas – Bio

The Event of the week

Come on out and have a beer with your uncle gomez!

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Fat-Bike Links

The Dose of Fat Newsdesk is sponsored by Gnar Tool – Check out the Ultimate Trail Tool

Interbike 2017 – The list of exhibitors is looking pretty sparse –

But the good news is – Interbike 2018 – Moves to Reno/Tahoe

Bike Flights announced a plastic corrugated bike carton called a Blue Box – blue bike boxes are available for customers within the U.S. to purchase in’s online store. They sell for $199.95 plus $20 flat rate ground shipping.

Rapha sells to the Walmart Waltons – The Arkansas Bicycle Renaissance

Dear God! Sov leaves Surly –


There’s so much more happening with the new 2018 bikes starting to come in, the next time we visit, we’ll have a whole new Dose of Fat podcast with two new cast members and we might even get to record that podcast in a posh studio (till we get kicked out). So keep the rubber side down and your beverages chilled – till next time – vaya con bicis gordas amigos!




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  1. Benjamin Lohrengel August 20, 2017 at 6:30 pm #

    Hey guys, I like the read version of this, keep it up!

    Benjamin in mi, riding a surly ice cream truck!!

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