Fat (video) Tuesday – Two Bothy Tour – by Illya Rudkin

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We had a week at Ballater in the highlands of Scotland.   It was an opportunity to complete a route intended for the bikepacking weekend trip up Glen Tilt earlier in the year. We were to go north from White Bridge up to Corrour Bothy and loop back round back to Glen Tilt and home. Having now ridden and walked the loop in the opposite direction as shown in this film that was a very ambitious idea given the difficult sections on parts of the route. As it turned out it was a full day with no stops apart from getting snacks out to eat. As you can see the day was going down by the time we got back to the start.

The footage for this adventure was sitting in a folder for a long while as I could not decide how to create the film. Frustrated, I just strung the clips together and did a tidy up. It turned out better than expected fitting well with the soundtrack. A guy on YouTube commented on the film saying how he would love to visit that area but the surprising part was he lives in Utah and rides Moab. Now that is a place I want to visit. I guess if you live in a place it can look beautiful but expectations are set higher elsewhere in the world. (Ed~ the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence = my 2 cents)

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