Fat (video) Tuesday – Valdez AK – Chugach Fat Bike Bash

It seems like everyone that I know in Alaska knows about Valdez, however, up until a couple’a years ago, I hadn’t heard about one of the most beautiful spots to ride a fat bike in Alaska. Thanks to the Valdez Adventure Alliance and the Chugach Fat Bike Bash we can all get an eyeful!  Daredevil Director du Sportif, Lee Hart shared this about this years Chugach Fat Bike Bash “The Chugach Fat Bike Bash helps us showcase the beauty of Valdez while celebrating winter bike culture. We welcome riders of all ages and skills to bike with us in one of the most scenic destinations in Alaska. We also have guest pros Liz Sampey and Leigh Bowe coming to teach classes like Bikepacking Basics (liz) and Intro to Gravity (leigh) as well as a female mechanic sharing Fatbiking Fundamentals. Ladyshred is in full bloom!”

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