The Weekly Dose of Fat – Spring Thaw 2018

Leia at the Hugh Jass Finale at Trek Whirrled Headquarters

Spring is in the air, but for the last few weeks, the Dose of Fat Crew have been visiting Winter on the weekends at events like the Sweaty Yeti – the Hugh Jass @ Trek HQ and the Fat Bike Birkie. We gathered up north in a flurry of activity that culminates this winter’s fat-bike race scene that, if I could speak for the entire platoon…this has been one of the best seasons in recent memory. This winter leaves our whole crew with big ole ear-to-ear grins! I appreciate that I got to see some of my favorite people and as a bonus gained some new friends too. So let’s keep the wave of fat and plus bike fun continue on into the warmth of Spring!

Spinner at the Fat Bike Birkie

As you read this, I’m down in the Outer Banks to celebrate Fat-Bike Beach Month and attend the US Open Fat Bike Beach Championships. At this point, you may be asking yourself, why does uncle gomez keep on talking about fat-bike beach month? Fat Bike Beach month is about creating an outlet for riders that would love to get out and ride their local singletrack. So as opposed to saying Don’t Ride There, we’re saying come and ride here – on the beach. The beaches are pretty deserted and completely void of sunbathers, in March so it’s the perfect time to get those old endomorphs out of the shed and go exploring. It’s better than becoming a roadie! I did have a pretty funny thought though…What if a bunch of fat-bikers showed up at the local shop group road ride on their fatties? You know what they say? There’s safety in numbers. If you and your posse do that, please take video and share it with us. Don’t let this get around, but during March, even I become a bit of a roadie, out of necessity, but for a few days this month, I’ll be collecting shells and beach riding down in the OBX. If you have a creative way to get your ride on, during the Spring thaw, let us know about it in the comments!


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Revelate Designs Releases Dedicated Frame Bags for Salsa Cycles Carbon Mukluk.
Revelate Designs, a pioneering builder of bikepacking gear has released custom fit frame bags for Salsa’s Carbon Mukluk. The frame bags cover the full size range (XS-XL), and fit 2017 and 2018 model years. Taking full advantage of fat bike frame geometry, they are flared at the head tube for additional storage capacity, and share the same bomber construction and materials as Revelate’s existing Ranger and Ripio frame bags.. Revelate previously partnered with Salsa Cycles, co-branding production frame bag models, however that relationship ended about 2 years ago. These bags are made independently by Revelate Designs and have no association with Salsa Cycles other than fitting their bikes. “After Salsa and Revelate went separate ways, we continued to have strong demand and field many frame bag requests for Salsa bikes. While our stock bags fit some models fairly well, nothing was available for many of their bikes unless the customer went for a one-off custom bag. The Mukluk is an iconic fatbike and we wanted to be able to fill the void and continue to meet their adventure riding needs.”, said Eric Parsons, owner of Revelate Designs.
The new Carbon Mukluk Frame Bags are currently available at and retail for $165.00.

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Ken and Andy have a Fatcamp Podcast show in the works for next week! Happy Trails Amigos!



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