iSSi Stomp XL Review

ISSI Stomp XL Pedal Review

The iSSi Stomp XL pedal landed here in Wales from their HQ in Minneapolis. The Stomp XL is their first attempt at a platform pedal and first impressions are they look and feel great. They are available in four different colours from black, plum, lime and blue. The platform is aluminium with a chromoly spindle running through to the crank. Size wise, you know from the name XL there’re going to be big and they come up at 120mm from front to back with a slight concave to its shape with the main body of the pedal coming in at 18mm deep. iSSi state that these are suitable for US shoe size 9 and up, and I’m a 9.5 and they kept my shoe on the pedals with no slips thanks to the 11 pedal pins on each side. The pins are 5mm in length so there’s plenty there to keep you in contact with the bike. However, I dread the day I get a pedal slap, so that tells you how much grip there is! As for weight, despite the large size, they come in at approximately 470 grams for the pair and retail cost from QBP is $115.

My initial feelings about the pedals following a couple of months with is very good indeed. I like the grip they offer and it has given me reassurance that I’m in contact with the bike thanks to the pins gripping my shoe. Also the size, they are about 30mm bigger than a pedal I’ve run for the last few years and to be honest I don’t think I’d go back to that smaller size, so win-win from me.

For more information check out the iSSi website:

I’m giving these a whopping 5 Welsh dragons out of 5!

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