Fat videoTuesday – Bivvy a Month #10 – #BAMfatbike2018

Fat Bike to the Bothy


Despite trying to get more organised with my bivvy a month rides October took place on the last night of the month, Halloween night!!

I initially had plans to spend a couple of days on one of the islands on the west coast of Scotland but the impending forecast would have meant me being stranded if the ferry was cancelled. So plan B was to stay in Wales and visit a bothy. I decided on the Arenig Fawr bothy which is only a 50 minute drive from home followed by a shortish ride. My thinking behind this was the weather was forecast to be wet overnight and the temperatures over here have suddenly dropped a couple of months early. The bothy is a very small so I knew it would be easy enough to warm up, however as its so small if anyone else was there then plan C would have to be initiated.

I was back on the Salsa mukluk for this one with the Apidura bags with my kit in. I only had a short ride and it was scenic for sure. The sun was out and the views were good but the temperature was cool. I followed the fine double track which is used as a service road for the small reservoir near the bothy. The riding was made difficult by the fact I was holding a large bag of logs over my right shoulder! Before I knew it I was at the bothy. One early positive sign of no one already being there was there was no smoke coming from the chimney, result! I peered inside and yes I had it to myself and yes it’s a very small bothy.

I soon got the fire going as it goes dark at 5pm now and it’s another 14 hours till the sun comes up. On the menu tonight was pan fried Welsh lamb steaks seasoned with salt, pepper and fresh rosemary with new potatoes, yum yum. This was washed down with a nice bottle of red. As the evening drew on the weather turned which made me glad to be in the bothy and not in a tent. I was however a little apprehensive as to whether any other people would turn up, thank fully not. Given that it was Halloween also, there were no trick or treaters visiting either! The evening was a long affair, so I decided to look in the bothy book (a book were people write in their thanks for the stay), and there was one other book for reading. However given the night I wasn’t brave enough to turn a page!

A good night’s sleep was had despite hearing a cough at 4am from outside the bothy. Now if anyone has ever heard a sheep cough you’ll know that it is exactly the same as a human cough! I least I hoped it was a sheep….


After a morning coffee and some porridge I packed up my kit and gave the bothy a good clean (it’s one of the rules of using a bothy). The sun was breaking the low cloud hanging in the valley as I rode back to the van.

#BAMfatbike2018 10 of 12 done

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