Full Spectrum Cycling Podcast #10 – Back From Sin City

#10 Full Spectrum Cycling Podcast

It’s the Full Spectrum Cycling Podcast with Sven and JK!Plus, in studio guest, Tony Berger!

Call in while we record or leave us a message at 717-727-2453 and we will include it in our next show!

Remember how we talked about how warm it had been in Wisconi a couple of episodes ago, well that changed!

The Big Chill!

Ice Beard

Changes in the Cycling Expo world first it was no more InterBike now Bicycle Retailer was sold

Got a subscription to NBC for cycling coverage

  • Tour de France or, as Grant Peterson calls it, BORAF. Boring Old Ride Around France.??

Marcus’s Rohloff Northpaw fatbike is ready to ride!

Let’s talk ribs! I still hate 29ers

Rubber Ducky

International Clash Day on Feb 7th

The best radio station in the country!

Surly Demo Visit, Boy, it was cold!

  • Big Something
  • Karate Monkey Mit Shock

New Surly Bikes in the Everyday Cycles Milwaukee Riverwest Bike Shop

  • Midnight Special
  • Lowside
  • Bridge Club
  • Karate Monkey

Check out clothing handmade in Idaho from Lou Binik and Foxwear

Club Ride Spring Summer gear is arriving at Everyday Cycles next week!

  • In store only sale on all 2018/19 Fall/Winter ClubRide

Everyday Cycles Beer Coasters!

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