Last Minute Gift Ideas – by Greg Gentle

Last Minute Gift Ideas for That Buddy or Loved One 

You know you blew it.  It’s now the week before Christmas and you have a handful of gifts to pickup and your back is against the wall.  But you’re cool and collected. You’re not sweating it because you know you’ve got your friends at to pull you through. You’ve got this.  

Here are five sure-fire winners for that special fatty focused someone you forgot all about until now.

Number 1: Velofix Gift Card $129

If you’re not familiar, Velofix is a mobile bike shop company that operates vans in 120 territories throughout North America, and they’re growing. The company also is one of the delivery options offered by Canyon Bicycles and Amazon, notably.  Velofix is the largest mobile bike shop in North America (check out the latest press release here) offering gift cards which are a great holiday gifts.  Consider a $129 gift card and your giftee can redeem for Velofix’s Broken Spoke mountain bike tuneup. The Velofix Mobile Bike shop comes directly to your home or work to perform bike tunes, repairs, upgrades/builds, rentals and more. They even offer free coffee and WIFI while the work is being performed.

Number 2: Patagonia Merino Mountain Bike Jersey $89  

I really like merino as a performance fabric.  It wicks well, dries super fast, and keeps the stink off.  Patagonia makes a really nice jersey (available for both men and women).  Featuring an extended hem to keep your tail end covered, a soft blended merino polyester fabric, and Certified Fair Trade sewing, the Patagonia Merino Mountain Bike Jersey will put a smile on any rider’s face.

Number 3: Gift Box from The Feed $25-$50

The Feed is a one-stop shop for all of your performance nutritional needs.  Tired of Cliff Bars? Me too. I used The Feed’s services this year and it opened up a whole new world of options and choices for me.  Your giftee can shop by sport, product type (chews, gels, waffles, bars) and for performance-focused body products. Not sure what your cyclist likes?  No problem. Send them a gift card and let them figure it out.

Number 4: Gorilla Cage System  $85

I love my gravel bike.  But I wish my fork has additional mounts so I can strap more gear to my bike. The Gorilla Cage System from DOM has you covered.  There’s a great review of the Gorilla Cage set up here.  The system consists of three products sold separately, the strapping system (the cage), the clips, and a 5L dry bag.   

Number 5: Wolftooth EnCase System $120

Wolftooth Components continues to evolve as a company featuring unique, well-designed cycling accessories.  Earlier this season they released a number of new products in their tool lineup. The EnCase System features a Hex Bit multi-tool, a tire plug tool and chain breaker, plugs and a clever insert setup that allows you to stash it all away in your handlebars.  Each item can be purchased separately, but why would you do that? Send your loved one the whole kit so they can ride with confidence.

Clearly there are thousands of gadgets, clothing items, and gizmos that you can pick out for your favorite cyclist.  I’ve picked out a handful of items that I’d love to see under the tree this year. If you’re feeling extra generous this year and want to thank me for bailing you out with this year, feel free to direct message me for my address.  Happy Holidays!

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