Full Spectrum Cycling #58 – Caitlin from Sufferfest Brewing and Jake from Wis BikeFed

Sven, JK and Tony are in the studio today and welcome call-ins from Caitlin Landesberg CEO of Sufferfest Brewing and Jake Newborn from Wisconsin BikeFed.

Sven’s new mask from a local craftswoman. Look for more masks in future episodes as we try models from Swrve, North St Bags and more!

Talking Schmack

  • Val Kilmer book
  • Backyard camping or living room this weekend – Boy Scouts tie in
  • Amazon non-essential deliveries are speeding up?
  • Greg ordered a Wyatt Maverick Frame for his ownself
  • We got motors!

Call-in Guest – Caitlin Landesberg, the CEO of Sufferfest Brewing (and head brewer)

Show Beer(s) 

  • More beer news than usual from Sufferfest. They sent us a couple of 6-packs including this week’s Show Beer
  • Sufferfest Shred
  • It’s all about balance. Weighing in at 95 cals & 5 carbs per can, the Shred Kolsch drinks like a champ. We’ve added cayenne and honey so you can enjoy full flavor and aromas while you keep it light.
  • 3.5%ABV
  • Last week we broke into the “Low-Calorie Mixed Pack”  with 
    • Head Start Stout (Sven)
      • Ready, set, stout! Rich in flavor but light in calories, our Head Start Stout is surprisingly versatile.
      • 4.5%ABV
    • Gut Check IPA (JK)
      • Inspired by those who seize the day, Gut Check is a low-cal IPA whose full body teems with flavor. Apple cider vinegar lends a bright tang, citrus aroma, and kick to match your grit. You bring the guts, we’ll bring the glory.
      • 4%ABV
    • FKT Pale Ale (Tony)
      • For that finish line moment, our FKT (Fastest Known Time) Pale Ale gives you the flavor and richness you deserve. Brewed with salt and black currant, FKT’s select ingredients kick up the flavor.
      • 4.5%ABV
  • All these beers are in the 100-135 calorie per 12oz
  • Brewed by Sierra Nevada????
  • #willsweatforbeer
This Schlick Northpaw with that fantastic Rohloff hub is going to a new owner at Everyday Cycles in Milwaukee!
Exploring Milwaukee and finding the smallest park in the city!
Sven’s Schlick Cycles Tashunka 29+. Super sweet. Makes me dig 29+ again.
JK at the Soleman Juneau statue in Milwaukee at a safe distance!

Next week on the show we will be harassing Chris from The Psychic Derailleur and get him to lay some wisdom on you.

Call-in to 717-727-2453 and leave us a message about how you are cycling your way through the coronavirus shutdown!

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  1. Sven looks a bit like Kiefer Sutherland in “Young Guns” with the new mask.
    Very badass!

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