Quiring Cycles 4130 Steel Fat-Tandem

I should probably put some sort of #bikeporn warning at the beginning of this little Fat-Tandem Centerfold from Quiring Cycles. This all started when one of our readers reached out in an email to me and asked who could make him and his bride a fat tandem? That made me think about Scott and Christina Quiring up in Free Soil, Michigan because Quiring makes beautiful Ti, Steel, and Aluminum bikes and that includes tandems. It’s been a long time since I contacted them, so I reached out to see what they’ve been up to and see if we could maybe share some photos of their latest projects.

I learned that Scott and Chistina are at the tail end of a serious case of COVID 19 and they’re slowly getting back with the swing of things. Even with all of that on their plate, they sent over some shots of a recent 4130 steel fat tandem build for one very very xtra-small stoker and a medium captain that involved a lot of fancy tube bending!

There are some really sweet details to this build. The Wren Inverted Fork has clearance from the downtube that has custom fabricated gussets for strength. It’s reassuring to see that Quiring continues to make the best Fat Bike rear chainstay yoke that I’ve ever seen. This build gets a healthy dose of Wolftooth Components along with RaceFace Turbine Cranks, a Cane Creek Thudbuster for the stoker, and HED Wheels. It’s tough sledding these days to get any parts to complete a custom build like this one. My hat’s off to Scot and Christine and we hope they continue on the path to recovery from COVID.

So if you’re looking for a fat tandem or a sweet titanium fatty that can run 2XL’s, you should check out Quiring Cycles up there at the doorstep on the Great Manistee National Forest in Free Soil Michigan. Home to some incredible snow and sand riding opportunities!

For more information about Quiring Cycles visit – https://quiringcycles.net/

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  1. Haha, funny to see this here. This is our bike, sitting on my porch as I type this. We’ve done some crazy stuff with it and it has held up great. Out first ride was Thanksgiving day, gooseberry mesa in Utah.

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