Tifosi Kilo Endurance Sport Sunglasses

I’ve been wearing embargoed sunglasses for the last few weeks. The Tifosi Kilo. We got these in at the end of the summer and they’ve been added to my daily cycling adventures. For mountain biking in the woods, I really dig the red foto-tec lenses. They’re comfortable and the quality or these glasses is every bit as good as glasses that are triple the price. Don’t let the $70 price tag scare you off. These are great sunglasses at reasonable prices. Here’s a bit about these new Sport Sunglasses from Tifosi

Tifosi Optics introduces Kilo, a new lightweight sunglass with multiple sport-specific lens configurations. Kilo is available in three interchange models that are equipped with three included lenses for bright, low, and no light settings. For those looking for a single-lens solution, it is also available in Blackout with a smoke polarized lens engineered to eliminate glare. Kilo will also be offered in Tifosi’s new Clarion Red Fototec lens, a photochromic lens that can adapt on the fly to ambient light, transitioning from a nearly clear tint in low light to a red mirrored smoke tint in full sun. Tifosi Optics is committed to offering sunglasses that are durable and comfortable. That’s why Kilo is built with a lightweight Grilamid TR-90 Frame that provides all-day comfort and fully adjustable rubber ear and nose pieces that swell with moisture guaranteeing they stay in place at your sweatiest. Its polycarbonate lenses are shatterproof with vented lenses, making Kilo ideal protection for endurance sports like cycling or running. Kilo will retail starting at $69.95.

The issue that I’ve been having lately is my giant face-shield type of eye covering interfereing with my helmet, which pushes the glasses down on my nose and that affects air-flow and causes discomfort. A kilo is just the right fit for the Lazer and Bontrager Wavecel helmets that I wear. The lenses are vented, but we haven’t really had much of a fogging test in the warmer summer months. With the weather getting colder it’s nice to know that the lenses are vented. That should help with fogging. We tested a set of black frames with black lenses (photo right) and a Black with White frame with a triple lens kit that includes the Clarion Red Fototec lenses (photo above).

The Clarion Red Fototec are my go-to lense for most daylight missions. When you want to roll like Johnny Cash there’s no better color combination than black frames with black lenses (black shirt, black helmet, black heart). I also like the straight bows on these glasses. They seem to play better with the straps and the myriad of hats, bandana’s and headbands that join the party under my helmet. I kinda like these. They’re a little edgy and I recon that we could all use a little of that in our lives. these are a steal at seventy bucks amigos.

More info from Tifosi at – Tifosi.com

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