Remembrance Day Bivvy

Last winter I made a great winter bivvy spot at an old slate mine in one of my favorite spots here in Snowdonia, North Wales. By rigging a tarp over the remnants of an old slate workers’ hut, I had managed to have a great retreat during the colder nights. It helped having a fireplace/chimney built into the corner of the building. I’d been up this way quite a lot over the last few weeks and by doing so, enabled me to hide some supplies (wood & beer!).

The ride was one I’d done many times before over the years and I feel quite at home in this area. some may say I’ve made it my second home!

With it being the Remembrance Day on the Sunday I thought it would be fitting to pay my respects to the four crew who were sadly killed in 1940 when their Bristol Blenheim crashed into the cliffs of the mountain not far from the bivvy site.

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