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Foto Gordo – Serpiente de Nieve

Jake the Snake has sent us a series of black carbon fatties over the last decade. The latest is a drop bar version. I love riding drop bar bikes but I’ve never been comfortable enough with them to truly shred the gnar on one. I’m sure that it can be done, but give me a […]

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David Briggeman-2

Foto Gordo – Kansas Backroads

Foto Gordo posts from Kansas two weeks in a row? What’s the world coming too? Do you smell some sort of fat bike conspiracy? And what about that seat? Is that secret alien technology? Today’s shot comes to us from David Briggeman. I asked David about his saddle and this is what he typed into […]

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Foto Gordo – Say cheese Kaiser!

Happy Fat Friday Amigos! Today’s Foto Gordo comes from Andrew Kraft out in Emporia Kansas! The shot features his Salsa mid-tail sport wagon and his dog, Kaiser! Check out the sweet Cedaero bags! It’s the best time of year to get on the bike and ride for a couple of hours. The air is crisp […]

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Wallpaper Wednesday – Pole

Antti Hakonen sent us this shot back in March for a Foto Gordo entry, but it was so good, we made it this week’s Wallpaper Wednesday. It’s his Pole Taiga and he took this magnificent pic with a Nokia 808 PureView phone. Got your own Wallpaper Worthy Photo? We love to feature your fat-bike photos from […]

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Foto Gordo – Webster Park

This month’s Foto Gordo contest winner is David Tinnes! David regularly shares his fatventures with us. His perseverance alone won him some schwag a few months back, but this month he’s the Foto Gordo Grand Prize Winner. We even swapped out a different t-shirt so it would fit Dave. I think this might be the […]

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Foto Gordo – Wednesday Looks Stumped

This week’s Friday foto stoke is a Wednesday, out on Great Salt Lake near Antelope Island State Park in the Bee Hive State. You may notice that this is Wednesday before any decals or badges got tattoo’d on the bike’s smooth robin’s egg blue finish. Fat-bikes take us to wild and desolate places…..sometimes, surprisingly close to […]

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todd wright az.jpgslider

Foto Gordo ♦ Arizona Winter

Todd Wright sent us this great shot from the valley of the sun, Phoenix Arizona! It sure doesn’t look like winter in Wisconsin! Most of the bike industry thinks that this sort of fat-biking doesn’t exist. They think fat-bikers are only interested in riding their fat-bikes in the snow, from December to March. Let’s help […]

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Yellow Brick Road1 (1)

Foto Gordo ♦ Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Our amigo Nathan Long from over there in the Chippewa River Valley of Wisconsin sent us this psychedelic spring explosion of color that he entitled ‘Follow the Yellow Brick Road’. Nathan shot this at Northwest Park in Eau Claire, WI and you can see more of his work at Have a Great Weekend! Give me your […]

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new bat slider

Foto Gordo ♦ Ice Cream in the Desert

  I think this is the official debut of the good work that our amigo David Glover has been sharing with us over the last couple of months! Glover works out at Moab Cyclery and sometimes at Keweenaw Adventure Company up in Copper Harbor, so he’s always surrounded by big slabs of fat-bike heaven! Happy Friday Amigos! […]

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david glover slide

The Triumphant Return of FOTO GORDO!

    Foto Gordo returns! to bring all of our fat-bike cousins some friday foto stoke! Let’s get ready to go play bikes all weekend! This week’s foto comes from Jeni Axelsen out in Big Sky Country. Her photo was taken while riding the North end of Flathead Lake in Somers, Montana. Jeni shared, “It’s a seasonal beach with […]

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Fat-Foto-Friday ♦ The Merseyside Ten

  Our Amigo, John Moore got together with ten of his fat-bike friends and enjoyed a windy ride on the Merseyside Coast in the UK. You can see his whole set of photos from the ride here and you can enjoy more photos from Mr. Moore on his Flickr page, right here! Happy Friday Amigos! Why not share your […]

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Fat Foto Friday ♦ Spring Splash

RickyD sent us this great shot taken by his luverly wife Jo Maralit of his own bad self splashing through the Little Paint Branch! Ricky and Jo were out riding the Holly Trail in the Fairland Recreational Park (Montgomery County) in Burtonsville, Maryland. Ricky is an old friend and a frequent contributor to Send us your […]

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andrea collino

Fat Foto Friday ♦ Endo Italiana

Andrea Collino grabbed some shots of his amigo, Ambro doing a fat front somersault near the “Raduno FAT BIKE Bikecafe” on Val Chisone (TO) Italy..near Sestriere. Don’t try this at home kids. Tomorrow’s the first day of Meteorological Spring! Don’t you think it’s about time that you get out and enjoy some snow riding, before it […]

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Triple F ♦ Upper Chilao

      John Watson shot his friend Ty Hathaway taking his Oh-Dee Pug, airborne out in the Upper Chilao in the Angeles Forest in Southern California. I hope we can get the opportunity to see Ty flying over all sorts earthbound terrain in 2014! You can see more of the fun at Thanks to our […]

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Fat Foto Friday ♦ River Bend

Ben Witt from Milltown Cycles shot this while doing some singletrack crawling out at River Bend in Minnesota. We showed you ours – Now show us yours! Triple F is how we share the fat-bike fun every friday afternoon, with the help of submissions from our readers! Send your photos to and help inspire fat-bike fun!

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Fat Foto Friday ♦ Water Spout

  Aussie amigo, R Cairns captured this image of a water spout, while out beach riding with a friend, down under. Check out more from R Cairnes at We love getting out on the beach in raw weather! Next time a storm is brewing, grab your fatty and head to the beach. Maybe you’ll wake […]

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Tom McDonald copy

Fat Foto Friday ♦ Sandstone Wash

      Tom McDonald takes magnificent photographs.  He had this to say about the photo (above). “This was taken in an area of Anza-Borrego State Park known as Sandstone Wash.  You don’t really need a fat bike to get to this place but it sure beats pushing your skinny tire bike through the sandiest […]

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Fat Foto Friday ♦ Finnish Double Feature

Juha Liukkonen shot these two ghostly images riding his sweet Snowblind Pugsley on some snow packed trails near Ristiina, Finland. You can check out Jula’s blog at and view his rad pug build here –  Pug’s Year -gallery. Fat Foto Friday is a weekly feature where we try to help kick off everyone’s fat-bike weekend(s)s with a little Fat […]

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Randy Armstrong fff copy

Fat Foto Friday ♦ Rock House

You may remember Randy Armstrong from our Summer photo contest (he won!). He and two of his friends took a ride on the shores of the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska and captured this enchanted landscape, while enjoying a boulder filled playground. Makes me want to grab my camera and go out to play! Fat Foto Friday is a […]

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Fat Foto Friday ♦ Log Jam

  This photo reminds me of where I ride in Wisconsin, but it was taken in Germany by Robert Krügel. You can read more about Rob’s fat bike adventures at Fat Foto Friday is a weekly feature where we try to help kick off everyone’s fat-bike weekend(s)s with a little Friday afternoon foto-stoke, thanks to the help […]

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Steve J Makin copy

Fat Foto Friday ♦ Anglesey Beach Ride

  Steven J Makin took this shot back in September on the rocky beaches of Anglesey in the UK. You can click the photo to see it larger. Fat Foto Friday is a weekly feature where we try to help kick off everyone’s fat-bike weekend(s)s with a little Friday afternoon foto-stoke, thanks to the help of submissions […]

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Fat Foto Friday ♦ Pugsley on Patrol

  Our long time amigo Gary Buckham aka Pugsley on Patrol took a shot that makes still life seem like it’s ready to roll. Fat Foto Friday is a new weekly feature for us. We’d like to help kick off everyone’s fat-bike weekend(s)s with a little Friday afternoon foto-stoke, thanks to the help of submissions from our readers. […]

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Tom Kellett copy

Fat Foto Friday ♦ Global Fat-Bike Day Flashback

  Tom Kellett took this shot back in December, on Global Fat Bike day. He celebrated GFD at Druridge Bay in Northumberland on the North East England coastline. Fat Foto Friday is a new weekly feature for us. We’d like to help kick off everyone’s fat-bike weekend(s)s with a little Friday afternoon foto-stoke, thanks to […]

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Derek Meier copy

Fat Foto Friday ♦ Knik Glacier

Derek Meier sent us in this shot a liitle too late to get into our photo contest this summer. Here’s what Derek told us about his entry. (You can click on the photo to see it larger.) The shot was taken on a trip to the Knik glacier in Alaska near Palmer last March. The […]

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Fat Foto Friday ♦ Idaho Dunes

Here’s an awesome shot of Mark Metzger and his pooch, Pauhana, on the dunes of Bruneau State Park in Southwest Idaho. Mark says, “This place is Fat-Bike heaven with acres and acres of sand dunes to ride up, down and all around.” It makes me want to travel, out west and ride some of the […]

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Anthony DeLorenzo copy

Fat Foto Friday ♦ Yukon Cabin

Anthony DeLorenzo lives and rides in the Yukon Territory up in remote Northwest Canada. He sent us this magic light shot taken at a back-country cabin that makes me want to get out and find some fat-packing adventures! Click on the photo to see it full size. Fat Foto Friday is a new weekly feature for […]

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