Foto Gordo – Webster Park

This month’s Foto Gordo contest winner is David Tinnes! David regularly shares his fatventures with us. His perseverance alone won him some schwag a few months back, but this month he’s the Foto Gordo Grand Prize Winner. We even swapped out a different t-shirt so it would fit Dave. I think this might be the first time that we’ve published one of Dave’s photos. So three cheers to Dave! (Huzzah! x 3) Here’s what Dave had to say about his entry.

Another submission… because, hey, ya never know…this. might. Just. Be. The. One.
Webster Park – Webster, NY – Pic was taken by me on 4/27/19.
My Framed Minnesota 2.0.

David Tinnes

Dave knows…Dreams do come true. Gnomes are real and Bikes are FUN! Our prize bin has dwindled down to three t-shirts and 4 water bottles, so If you fancy a tube top and a bidon send us a wheelie photo in an email with tube top in the subject line and next month’s foto gordo (not so) grand prize winner could be you! Be sure to include a mailing address if you’d like a few dope-ass stickers. The gnomes down in our mail burrow are hacked into . #tubetopsandbidons

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