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Smith Resolve and Bobcat Review

For me, sunglasses fall into the same category as helmets – mandatory.  Too many things to take out your eyeballs while on a ride to not shield them in some fashion.  Over the years, I’ve donned a bunch of different brands, styles, and lens colors.  Some cheap.  Some spendy.  Over those years, I’ve rocked a […]

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Tifosi Alliant & Slice Review

I’m old enough to have owned a pair of Oakley Factory Pilots. They were red to match my 1986 Specialized Rockhopper. We all wore them because Greg Lemond wore them and he won the TdF. In the years between then and now, I’ve sunk thousands of dollars into high-end fashionable cycling eye protection (sunglasses). I’d […]

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Tifosi Swank Review – by Braven

Last winter I bought a pair of (my favorite color – ORANGE!) Tifosisunglasses from Chris at Zion Cyclery after a big group beach ride. They were only $25 and really nice. So when Gomez asked me if I wanted to review a pair of Tifosi’s Swank SL sunglasses, I was like…Sure! I’ve been wearing a […]

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Pugs Sunglasses

In the chaos of last weekend’s wanderings, I lost my sunglasses. When this happens, I usually try to find a pair of groovy glasses on the cheap at the local fill’n station or mini-mart. I stopped for gas in Appleton, WI and low and behold…… new cheap sunglasses say Pugs on the side. Now these […]

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