Full Moon Beach Ride – Redux!

The first version was a blast! So we will do it again.

Time: Saturday, December 10 · 4:00pm – 10:00pm

Location: Port Washington, WI

December 10th is a pretty cool day for a repeat because the sun sets at 4:17PM while the moon rise begins just a few minutes later at 4:30PM.

My guess this time of the year is that if there is a wind it will be out of the north so heading that way first makes sense.

So, we’ll meet at the Lake Park Parking lot in Port Washington at 4PM for a 4:30PM departure to coincide with the rising of the FULL MOON. We will head north for approximately 8.5 miles to the beach at Harrington Beach State park where we’ll hang out for a bit and make the return trip back to Port.

This is intended to be a FatBike ride but if you have larger MTB tires on your normal rig and run low pressure you could probably do it; Candy did the last one on her SS 29’er and Dave as done past rides on his MTB.

Bring lights. The Moon does provide illumination but, as we experienced on the last trip, there are some areas that a light is helpful.

Oh, don’t worry, we will have other FatBike events before this one!

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One Response to Full Moon Beach Ride – Redux!

  1. Glenn Johnson December 5, 2011 at 6:20 pm #

    Two or three of us are trying to arrange join the horde for this ride. Other than dressing appropriately for the weather and the waves, what else would be proper to bring along? I see some file images with canned malt beverages. Is that brought on-board or via sag service? Is it “rain or (moon) shine”?
    Lemme know. Tanks.