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Here’s an event that I attend and volunteer at to help folks find the scenic hidden gems at the Levis Mound Trails. I’ll be the guide that points out the piles of porcupine poop along the trail. This particular little bike party and these wild rustic old-school singletrack trails are near and dear to my heart. This isn’t a fat-bike-only kind of jam. You should feel free to ride any sort of bicycle that you like, but if you have a klunker, you should bring it. Here’s what ringmaster Steve-O had to share about this year’s fun-fest.

Hi All….well, the Squatch is back, a bit later, to take full advantage of the FALL COLORS this year!  There is no better place to be than at Levis during peak color and we slid it back a few weeks to take advantage of it.  Sooo, a slight name change.  “Acorn Squatch”.” I know, a bit cute, but my grandson and future mountain bike shredder came up with it, and it fit well with the fall theme. And FURTHER back to the first Gnome-fest at Levis Mound when acorns were handed out by Gnome-master Gomez.  Maybe to stretch that theme a bit more, it perhaps symbolizes how the Levis Mound trail has grown (from an acorn) to a mighty oak of a trail?  I may be pushing it, but it all makes some kind of sense, right? 😉

  Prices remain the same and it’s a killer deal at $50 for camping, trail fee, taco Saturday and a donation to the trail.  ($70.00 day of).  Of course, we have meet and greet at Sand Creek, night rides, guided trail rides (gendered, genderless, fast, slow,photo rides) on Saturday with (check points), Taco Saturday communal dinner, a NEW SALSA Contest! (with prizes), Beer pool potluck, group bonfire and rumor has it a new kiddy bike is being purchased (Dw**f. cycle figure 8 race anyone?) !  Sunday relax and recovery ride :).

We hope you return-speaking for myself, I’ve made so many good friends over the years at our Fest-type events that I/we just wanted to see ‘yall again.  St. Levis of the Mounds wants you here as well.  Stickers have arrived and I’m ordering 75 Cool Acorn Squatch shirts for the first registered….I hope I have your size!  Register today! – https://www.bikereg.com/acorn-squatch


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