Weekly Dose of Fat 11-11-11

weekly dose of fat fat bike newsI love this day! 11-11-11! Number are cool. Fat-bikes are cooler! Here is a collection of links to fat-bike stories around the web for this week. – Riding with TJ and his Mukluk on the CAMBA Rock Lake Trail. – More Mukluk riding at Gnat’s River Ramble. – Guitar Ted says that calling a Mukluk “just a snow bike” is selling the thing WAAAAAAY Short. he goes on to say “I can say with authority that this is a bike one could ride exclusively all year around.” Preaching to the choir, Ted, but glad you joined the fold. – New Mukluk and instant love plus recon trip to Mexico. – Review of the Fatback Aluminum Fat-Bike at Dirt Rag. – Quick look at some cold weather gear from Planet Bike. The Borealis glove looks interesting and at $41.99 surprisingly affordable. – Freedom on a Mukluk! – Gnat’s coverage of Gnat’s River Ramble. A 35-mile Fat-bike adventure around the Minnesota River Valley. – SoCal beach riding with pix. – A fall ride in Duluth, – fyxation / Schlick Cycles Northpaw build with an Alfine 11 and Gates Belt Drive! – Nice photos from Scotland and a day’s fat-biking. – Pix and some testing notes about On One’s upcoming fat-bike. – River Rambling in Minnesota. – Part two of The Lazy Rando’s Pugsley redux. Cleaning and refitting. – A discussion of Internally Geared Hubs and 170mmm rear spacing.

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  1. Colin November 11, 2011 at 5:45 pm #

    the borealis gloves are awesome, totally need that one free finger for braking and they keep you warm as hell. HELL

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