Weekly Dose of Fat 11-18-11

green fat-bike wheels

Spokes Model Dave gets his green fetish on!

Once again we bring you a compilation of fat-bike news from around the Internets. Yet again I am stoked about all the coverage our “freak bikes” are getting and look forward to next week when I think Regis and Kelly might have somting on their show about fat-bikes, or not! You never know. – Bobby thinks fat-bikes are great for hunting. – Underground fat-bike ride! Very cool. – Part 4 of the Pugsley Redux – Rebuild done! – News on Twenty 2 Cycles Bully Fat-bike. – Surly Moonlander prototype ride impressions. – Phil Wood 100mm BB in a Pugsley. Review after 3 years. – More coverage of Gnat’s River Ramble. – One Fall Ride – Andy rides his new Mukluk at night. – In which the Pug is powder coated bright green. Spokes Model Dave would approve. – Fresh Snow and a Quiet Ride. – Fyxation has a blurb about our Newsletter signup contest. They are sponsoring it after all! – The low-down on a Fat Bike race in Michigan on January 14th, 2012. – Thanksgiving ride announcement in the Minneapolis area. – A quick review of a prototype of the 45NRTH Husker Du. – Well, Freak Bikes may not be the best description but more “Mainstream” media is getting hold of the Fat Bike fever. From The Weekly Herald in Everett, WA. – Another one from The Weekly Herald in Washington state.

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