Race #2 Wisconsin Fat-Bike Series – Team SnowBike Enduro – 1/21

www.fat-bike.com presents the

Team SnowBike Enduro

January 21st – 2012 @ High Noon

Lake Geneva Canopy Tours – Lake Genevea, WI

Snow bikes only (3.7″ minimum tire width)

No FatBike? – No Problem! – Join the rider pool

Teams can share a snowbike (or ride their own)

Teams are formed the day of the race or you can bring your own team. If you bring your own team, you may have to put a team mate into the draft for other teams to aquire in the rider draft.

Riders that bring a snowbike sign up as Team Captains or be part of the rider pool.

Team Captains pick riders from the rider pool to form a team – 3 people per team minimum

Captain’s draft order determined by pre-race, Derby

Teams race for 3 hours – Team with the most laps wins!

$25 till 12/21 ~ $30 untill Jan11th ~ $35 till the day of race – Helmets Required

No Facial Hair Requirements*


Derby – Bonfire – Bikini’s – Keg – Draft Choices – Teams – Snuggies – SnoBikes – Metal

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