How to make a Bitch’n Number Plate for your fat-whip!

Who else liked art class in grade school?

Well here’s a fun little art project for you if you’re coming with your fat-bike to the Team SnowBike Enduro. Nothing to stress over either, because we’ll have a good supply of paper plates and markers for anyone that needs a number plate on the day of the race. If you feel like making your own number plate  (ahead of time) ~ here’s the skinny on  one way to make a fat-bike number plate, ala choy!

First buy yourself a six pack of craft brewed beer (preferably in a cardboard caddy) and drink it responsibly, but not so responsibly that you’re not tempted to spontaneously dance or act silly. Once the beer is gone, all that will be left is the beer caddy. That’s what we’re going to make our Bitch’n Number Plate out of….we actually get two number plates per six pack. You can make these out of a 12~24~30 pack as well with equally rad results.

Take some scissors and start to dissect the caddie

I like to use a letter opener and skin those 4 corners lickity split!

Once you gut the caddie, I like to use my guillotine trimmer, but you can continue to cut the caddie down with scissors or  the utility blade of your choice.

Trim the plate down to the size that you like and clean up the edges best that you can.

The next step in the process is to punch the holes in the number plate, so you can easily attach it to your bike. I use an office style 3 hole punch, but you can use any kind of hole punch or just cut slits with your x-acto blade if you dont have a hole punch.

Once the holes are punched, your number plate is ready to be customized. Use your Imagination and create something that fits your style. Use templates and stickers to create a number plate that Evil Kenivel would be proud of……just don’t fill in the number (till you get your team number from race registration)


Once you find out what your team number is going to be from the race officials, you can write your number in place and zip tie that sucker onto your rig for hot laps or whatever!

The cool thing about this is it’s all recycled materials and works like a carrot on a stick, because the printed side of the beer caddy faces the pilot, making him or her ride faster to get back from their lap. As always YMMV…

vaya con bicis gordas,



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  1. I like that rear facing inspiration. I tried the beer bottle on the stick but didn’t like the bruising 😉

  2. I wish I had a nicely appointed shop like the one shown in the demo slide show: Empty beer six packs and cookies. Yeah, Baby!

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