Initial Gear Test – Selle Anitomica Titanico NS

Selle Anitomica makes a riveted leather suspension saddle, much like other saddles that I ride on most of my other (non-fat) bikes, but most of their models have a slot cut into them. The slotted versions of their saddles are not made for the pounding that off road riding presents, so they recommended that we test their Titanic NS. The saddles are made right in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, so I went and picked up the saddle from the factory and took it home to mount it on a Moonlander. Before I made with the mounting, I took the photo’s below to compare the NS to my Brooks, Swift and B-17, just for comparison purposes.

Selle Anitomica Titanico NS vs Brooks B-17 Vans Limited Edition

Selle Anitomica Titanico NS vs Brooks Swift

After a bit of fiddling around I got the NS mounted with the correct slight upturned nose angle and took a quick ride on my local trails. I subscribe to the theory that if a saddle just disappears beneath you, its a keeper. I also know that my particular buttox likes saddle shape that runs closer to the more narrow, swift, than the wider B-17. As you can see from the pictures above, the NS is closer in shape to the B-17. With all of that in mind, it took about 3 rides before the NS really started to disappear for me. It did supply me with two weeks of delightful frozen fat-bike rides. The quality of the saddle is top notch and I hate to see it go, but I’m sending it out to Adam in Iowa City to see how he likes it. One of the very positive notes is there was no break-in time required on the NS. I got that sweet hammock feeling right out of the box. Brooks riders know what I’m talking about. That B-17 pictured above took 3 moths of riding and spa treatments to loosen up and feel good. For those of you that are interested in the slotted version of the Titanico, Selle Anitomica is working on a new version that will hold up to off-road riding, even for clydesdales. We’ll be reviewing the new slotted saddle as soon as its available.


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3 Responses to Initial Gear Test – Selle Anitomica Titanico NS

  1. Allen Beauchamp January 12, 2012 at 8:22 am #

    Cool initial review. I put in to be a saddle beta tester as well for the new Titanico-X and unfortunately due to the overwhelming response from their application process, I must wait.

    Looking forward to making the move the the Clydesdale version as soon as it’s available for distribution.

    Your review just makes me want it sooner!

    Pedal On ~ Allen

  2. Boomking January 17, 2012 at 7:13 am #

    Nice looking saddles! I think I’m going to order one today!

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