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Fat (video) Tuesday – Ancient Lakes

Rusty Knorr sent us his second video that we’ve shared here on fat dash bike dot com. Rusty and his amigo, John, went  on a Sub 24 overnight in Washington State. This is what he had to say about the trip. I took my friend John out for a sub24 to an area called the “Ancient […]

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UK Fat-Bike Championships Report

Battle on the Beach/UK Fat Bike Championships by Patrick Joscelyne Congratulations to George Budd and Fiona Wilson for winning the inaugural Surly UK Fat Bike Championships at the Battle on the Beach. George Budd (#28) leading the pack across the sand. Surly and their UK Distributor, Ison sponsored the UK Fat Bike Championships and reported to […]

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Shop Profile – Zion Cyclery

With the current expansion of fat bike brands available to consumers, now, more than ever, it’s important to work with a bike shop that knows fat-bikes from the inside out. In a good fat-bike shop, the owner or staff actually ride fat bikes. That way they know, through practical experience, what works and what accessories to […]

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Triple F – Pennsylvania Pano

  Brian Duffy sent us this pangalactic shot of his moonlander at Trexler  Game Preserve near Schnecksville, PA. If you look close, it looks like Brian has one of our old moonlander patches sewn on his frame bag. What’s the word….Bird? Why not share your fat-bike hijinx with your tio gomez – email me at Ride […]

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Wallpaper Wednesday – Moonlander on Gravel

This week’s Wallpaper is from Greg Evans and was  taken somewhere between Prior Lake and Jordan, MN. We kept this one in its original format. Enjoy! 1920 x 1440 (4:3) Got your own Wallpaper Worthy Photo? We like to feature fat-bikes from around the world! If you’ve got a fat-bike related image that you feel […]

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Reader’s Ride(s) – Richard’s Moonlander

Richard is from Portland, OR. His astute reading, and loyal following of the site, revealed Gomez’s stickers-for-a-story offer and this prompted him to send in this story about his Moonlander! Thanks, Richard! He says: After several years of lusting over fat bikes I decided to pick up a Surly Moonlander. I went with the […]

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Fat (video) Tuesday – Beach Wheelie

And then there’s this from Bruce Mathieson: aka: the coastkid. Bruce is the Viceroy of  Scottish Beach Cycling and rides, one hell of good wheelie! His clips of exploring the scenic beach riding around East Lothian, have inspired thousands – (myself included!)  A trip to Scotland to ride fat-bikes on the beach is, most definitely, on my […]

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Triple F ♦ The Coho Grater

  I took this shot on a stormy beach ride that I took up near Belgium in the early part of June. It was the first ride back on the Moonlander, since we built up our test Krampus. Beach riding in raw weather is something that I love and recommend to anyone out there with […]

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Utah’s Ben Lonond Peak

  Ben Lonond Peak – (Skyline trail from North Ogden Divide) Written By : Mark Peterson   Sometimes we need adventure, and not just standard adventure, but High adventure. After a crazy party, I committed to climb Ben Lomond Peak with my friend Dustin. The name “Ben Lomond” comes from early Scottish settlers. Someone said it […]

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Interview with Polar Explorer/Adventurer Eric Larsen

Lee Kinder from Logan, UT had the opportunity to interview Eric and inquire about his incredible expedition to the south pole on a fat-bike. by Lee Kinder – Photography by – Cycle South – Stephanie Scott Photo credit: Cycle South – Stephanie Scott   “Remember, it’s cool to be cold!” quips Polar Explorer/Adventurer Eric Larsen. Indeed […]

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True Confessions of Two Fat-Bike-Beach-Rats

Ecrito y fotografiado por Julio y Gomez Julio caught ‘beach-fever’ sometime last year and he’s been planning a fat-pack ever since. Somewhere along the line this summer, we agreed to take a little fat-bike adventure together and this is our beach-rat, ride report. We figured the weather could get dicey in late October, so we kept […]

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Weekly Dose of Fat – 10/5/2012 – Caption Contest

 CAPTION CONTEST Tommy from  Katwijk, the Netherlands sent us this photo that begs to be captioned. Post your caption and we’ll pick a winner next Friday. The winner will receive a pair of 45NRTH Wool Cycling Socks! Thanks for sharing your fat-bike photo,Tommy! Check out his blog at  This Week’s Fat-Bike News Digest – Australia’s Simpson […]

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Reader’s Rides – Marvin the Moonlander reader, Mark Peterson, hails from Salt Lake City, UT and sent in this story about his Moonlander, “Marvin the Martian”, along with a bunch of pix of the upgrades he’s done. For all you “green” fans out there, Mark has scoured the globe to find anodized green goodness! I have always loved my bikes. […]

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Interbike 2012 – Live from the Show Floor

Sven has been here before, but today was my first time in the maze called Interbike. We popped my interbike cherry today, to bring you all of the fat…all of the time! Just like we promised!  Phil Wood fat-bike design exercise! Custom Fork crowns on the Manitou Fork. 185mm Cassette Hub. Also available in lower […]

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Fat (Video) Tuesday ~ A short film from Big Fat Larry

Bruce the ‘coastkid‘ lent his go-pro to his close friend B.F. Larry and this well scored, short film speaks for itself. We hope you enjoy the ride! We’d love to see what your tires experience? If you’ve got a fat-bike related, short film that you feel is “Fat (Video) Tuesday” material, slap a link in […]

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Lake Superior Fat-Pack ~ Part Two

…continued from part one  DAY TWO We awoke to a sunrise that looked remarkably similar to the hazey Mars sunset from the previous evening. After some oatmeal for breakfast, we loaded our packs and headed out under beautiful azure skies. We also had a nice tail wind blowing at about ten miles per hour that […]

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Fat Video Tuesday ~ Side by Side Comparison

An interesting clip that compares a standard mtb, a 4″ pugs and a 5″ moonie on semi-crusted wettish snow. I wonder what the tire pressures were set at? Oh!…..and you might want to mute the volume……don’t say I didn’t warn you. Let’s hear from every corner of the Globe? If you’ve got a fat-bike related […]

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Lake Superior Fat-Pack ~ Part One

About a year ago, I started to dream about a multi-day beach riding trip in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Someone from my past life had told me tales of how Lake Michigan ended as a shallow whisper against the southern edge of the deliciously underpopulated U.P. I hatched a plan, where four or five riders would tag […]

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Pugsley vs. Moonlander ?

  I started riding fat-bikes on a Pugsley, gifted to me for my 50th birthday and then last December I got a Moonlander complete. I haven’t ridden the Pugsley since getting my Moonlander, so I’m contemplating selling it. But first, I’d like to hear from our readers on the subject of Pugs vs Moonie. I […]

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[MI]tten Made of Sand ~ Episode Uno

The Michigami Way Twenty-six years ago I received my first mountain bike. I rode the hell out of that Porsche Red, Rockhopper. My brother in law, Al, and I rode along the power lines and by the orchards surrounding Scott Lake in SW Michigan. That’s about the time we explored Fort Custer Recreation Area for the first […]

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Spinner’s Interview with Sov from SURLY

  Spinner hooked us up with this PRIMO interview as he sat down with Sov, well, actually he sat down with a High Life in front of a computer, and pulled questions outta his bike seat rester regarding what he thinks is  one of the coolest and most popular fat bikes around – The Pugsley. […]

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(Fat) Sub 24 Hour Overnight – (S24O)

I’ve had this idea in my head about bikepacking my fattie on the beach for awhile now. Mis amigo, Cale just came back from a long trip in Baja, that made the trip planning itch, all the stronger. In the past month I’ve traded email and read stories from experienced fat-packers that make a pretty […]

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New Rack for Moonlander! from Old Man Mountain

Out of the Sierra Madre Mountains  – Old Man Mountain (OMM) has a rich history in Mountain Bike touring racks that reflect their company philosophy – “don’t discriminate, innovate”. That’s why OMM built the first mountain touring racks designed to work with suspension mountain bikes and why they’ve brought that mind-set to their racks made for Fat-Bikes. […]

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Carver Cold Catfish Cup – Race Report

  Written by Reed Smidt – Race Director The Carver Lake Cold Catfish Cup – Race # 3 was held on Sunday, February 19 at Carver Lake Park in Woodbury, MN. The temperature peaked at 45 degrees making almost all the single-track trail off limits for racing and riding in general. Fortunately, Carver Lake Park […]

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