Fat (video) Tuesday – Ancient Lakes

Rusty Knorr sent us his second video that we’ve shared here on fat dash bike dot com. Rusty and his amigo, John, went  on a Sub 24 overnight in Washington State. This is what he had to say about the trip.

I took my friend John out for a sub24 to an area called the “Ancient Lakes”. It’s just north of Vantage, WA above the Columbia River. We rode north from the trailhead at “Frenchman Coulee” about twelve miles, passing “The Gorge” amphitheater (made famous by many Dave Mathews concerts) and ending up at “Dusty Lake”. It was truly one of the most beautiful camp sites that I’ve ever had. We had great weather, (it still being too cold for rattlesnakes,) but just warm enough, to be comfortable in the high desert climate. John rode his Moonlander and I rode my Necro Pugs, and they were the perfect bikes for the varied terrain of sand, rock, dirt, and sagebrush.


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