Weekly Dose of Fat 2-10-12

With fat-bike events planned in Wisconsin and Minnesota this weekend and Manitoba and Minnesota next. Be sure to check our fat-bike event calendar for more info!

If you get our Newsletter you saw this last week but for those of you who have not subscribed yet, our friends at Q7 Cycling are offering out site readers a 15% discount when using coupon code “fatbike” at checkout! Check it out! – Bikepacking and a TV crew to film it! – Lefty Fat-bike suspension fork. – Winter on the Front Range. – Pug vs Moonlander observations. – Ti Muk singlespeed. – Moonlander pix and words. – Fatbikes in Idaho, yo! –  Just a girl who lives in the Yukon and loves to ride bikes. – The CoastKid gets a Moonlander and takes lots of pix. – More on the Space week theme. – Lots of “World Championship” fat-bike races out there. – Pix of the Schlick Cycles Tatanka prototype. – And a word from the 47th fastest fat-biker in the entire world! – Fillet brazed fat-bike before going to powder coating. Sweet! – And back form powder! – David’s fat-bike at home in the woods. – Nothing wrong with Minnesota!

One Response to Weekly Dose of Fat 2-10-12

  1. Puck February 11, 2012 at 7:55 am #

    Wow, that guy in the photo looks like he is having a great time!!