Reader’s Ride(s) ~ Mr. Pugglesworth

This is my brother Ernesto’s, bike mechanic’s fat-bike. We call him the whiskey mechanic (long story), or Mr. Scott.

and now for something completely different

Mr. Pugglesworth…

Standard snow blind white frame

Simple down tube panel with brushed silver logo, matching cigar band striping, and my fave, the SP seat mast monogram.
now as for Mr. Pugglesworth as I call him. fairly straight up working mans build:
Front wheel, Dimension SS rear hub on Surly Marge Lite rims 24 black and 8silver double butted spokes  gives a twinkle when spinning.
Rear wheel, Shimano Alfine 8 disc hub on Surly Marge Lite rims 24 black and 8silver double butted spokes….
Internal gearing for clean reliable use able drive train
 Alfine 8 RF shifter; I modified an aerobar to give a very neutrally located option for the shifter without having to custom machine out any parts, ( I think it kinda looks like brush guards you see on those fancy SUV’s at the grocery store.
Avid BB7 disc brakes for maximum tuneage
FSA Cranks because they fit
Stem, Pedals, Seat post and Saddle are doing their job.
MOST JAGUAR 48cm DROP BARS…( due to multiple physical limitations and a few mental) drop bars allow me to hang on to the bars for more that 30 minutes without losing the use of my hands due to nerve damage. for same reason the GRAB ON Maxi foam grips to deaden the shock coming to my hands.
saved a few grams where they would go unnoticed…(i.e. the ERNESTOLUBE.COM Wise cracker bottle opener under the seat)
SURLY NATE TIRES: this bike IS NOT built to ride on the road.
This machine was brought to life to be ridden for pleasure.
Don’t ask how heavy it is,
or The gear inch ratios,
Don’t even think about asking  what my heart rate/ VO2 max thresh holds are on a 12% grade at 100watts output….
what it is lacking are the beverage retainers: stainless steel cages ( I forgot where I put them)
and the tool sack to carry my axle nut wrench and other trail side necessities…
Do you want to share your fat-bike with the rest of the world?
Just email some pics and wordy words to and all your dreams will come true!
Maybe put Reader’s Ride(s) in the subject, just in case things get weird.

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2 Responses to Reader’s Ride(s) ~ Mr. Pugglesworth

  1. charlie February 10, 2012 at 4:05 pm #

    Nice bike! Can we say Ef Butch again?
    : )

  2. Tip June 25, 2012 at 7:31 am #

    How heavy is this bike and what is the ratio?

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