Weekly Dose of Fat 2-17-12

I am heading up to Minnesota to meet up with Gomez for a continuation of the “Fat-n-Frosty Road Trip” and take in some of the fat-bike culture in the Twin Cities as well as attend Frostbike looking for all that is new in fat-bike fun. We’ll have a report, or several, for ya’ll next week! – Arrowhead 135 report and pix. – Gear for the TV outing from Toni in Finland. Cool, interactive gear map. – Back from the dead, our feed to the Death Rider’s posts is back online! I hope! – Modified rack skewer for fat-bikes. – Colorful Pugs at the Teva Mountain Games. – fat-biking and making saws! – Pix and words from the fat-bike summit in Victor, ID. – Origin8 (Vee Rubber) takes another stab at fat-bike tires. 2140g??? – Gnat takes a break to fat-bike with an International contingent. See you at Frostbike! – Arrowhead 135 and more! Great pix.

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  1. Gomez February 17, 2012 at 3:39 pm #

    I got to do a ride with DeathRider this week up in MPLS!

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