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My first visit to Central District Cyclery was last winter on rainy February afternoon. I was on a whirlwind tour that took me to 616, CDC and Quiring Cycles. CDC is right in the center of downtown Grand Rapids – right next to GR Police Headquarters. The shop is in a sleek 3100 square foot space with spoke inspired, ceiling timbers. The space has a nice, open air feeling. The first thing that caught my eye, were the red and black – two tone 616 fat bikes that were on display. Nate, as well as a couple of his staff own and ride 616 fatties. They also had a few fat-frames and some nice argyle fat-rims in their show room! With a limited amount of time, I snapped a few pictures and promised Nate that I’d be back in touch to learn more about CDC.

Fast forward to last month (June) and our High Speed Ferry Fat-Pack trip to Grand Haven, where Nate joined us for a Saturday morning, group beach ride, followed by ice cold beers.  On a ride that found me bonked, Nate rode the whole thing in flip-flops. I learned that Nate was a past President and Advocacy Director for the Michigan Mountain Bike Association…..and overall, a pretty cool cat! We chatted about next year’s veritable explosion of new fat-bike products and his dream of creating a haven for cyclists in downtown Grand Rapids….Central District Cyclery!

When we asked Nate to tell us about Fat-Bikes and Central District Cyclery… this is what he had to say.

What do you get when you  cross a mtber, a dirt jumper, a road racer, and everybody (who) is a daily bike commuter?

Central District Cyclery. A new shop located in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, MI.
We don’t look, sound, or smell like a normal shop. And that allows us to be our own little special snowflake.
We specialize in customer service, and each day presents a new challenge. Gears, SS, fixie, polo, and fat. Sand, snow, dirt and road.
We outfit you for your adventure.
Lately around the shop we have been fat and chubbie (half- fat) crazy. Michigan is an untapped source of exploration by bike. Riding around old pier heads and out to sand bars on Lake Michigan, it’s relatively easy to bike pack. Old forest service roads that were once impassable due to sand are now that serene experience in the woods that mtb used to be. And this is just summer. Soon we break out the foul weather gear and another season of riding. Yeah we are just smitten.


Just about every shop is going to have some sort of fat-bike in their showroom this winter. I think it’s important to recognize and seek out the shops that were early adopters to fat-biking and shops that have a staff that have been riding them for awhile. Central District is a new shop that has both of those things going for it, one hundred percent! So if you find yourself in Western Michigan, stop in and see Nate and the boys and tell them Gomez sent you!

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