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(bikenerd) 29+ Wheelset – RaceFace AC 35 Rims, DT Comp Spokes & White Industries M16 Hubs

If you follow the site, you may have seen Bikenerd’s Plus Bike Editorial that we published at the end of 2019 and maybe you’ve been following some of the podcast discussions that we’ve had with Adam Blake about plus bike rim width. After digesting all of that information, I decided to have Adam build a […]

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Red Bear Products to bring Euro & Aussie Carbon Rims to the US

NEWS – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Tim Krueger Announces Red Bear Products, A Wheelgoods Distributor for Kuroshiro and Bouwmeester Composites to North America September 13th, 2015 Tim Krueger announces his second new company this year, Red Bear Products.  Red Bear Products will be a distributor of bicycle wheelgoods, concentrating on industry-leading technology, hard-to-find brands, high-quality […]

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News Release – Borealis and Reynolds – NEW! – ELITE Carbon Wheels

I nabbed a sneak preview of these new ELITE carbon, double wall, rims, when I visited Borealis at the end of July. The spy shots don’t show the final graphics, but these are the new wheels that have been developed  through a strategic partnership between Borealis and Reynolds Cycling. The official press release is below. We should have more information […]

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Otis Gets Pimped (Part One) #otisgetspimped

As some of you might remember, I have a bike named, Otis, that just recently celebrated its first birthday! Back around x-mas time we ran a long term review of Otis where we mentioned that we’ve been working on a little project to upgrade Otis’s wardrobe. We code named this operation #otisgetspimped. In other words, we’re going to take […]

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SUNringlé Enters the Fat-Bike Rim Market!

Last Sunday, I showed up to the Church of Two Wheels, out on the beach, just south of Port Washington and got a pretty cool surprise. One of the local Port crew, Ryan, showed up with a new set of prototype Sun Rims on his Lemon Krate Pugsley. SUNringlé is part of the Hayes Bicycle Group that is […]

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NEW – Jade Cycles Fat Rim & Hub

One of our readers sent me a shot of his Jade Cycles Ti Fat-bike last month. To get some background on the bike, I contacted the owner of Jade Cycles, Jim Degracia and found out that they had lots of new fat-bike goodies in the pipeline. Jade is located in Holland Michigan, right across the big […]

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A Visit to Hed HQ

As soon as I scheduled my trip to Minneapolis to attend the Freewheel Winter Bike Expo, I contacted Andy from Hed to see if I could visit their production facility and possibly, demo a set of their new carbon fat bike rims. As the date of my visit grew closer, Andy and I worked out all […]

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Fat-bike 101 – Rims

This article is part of the Fat-bike 101 series and is intended to help new fat-bike owners, and potential fat-bike owners, with some of the questions they may have about fat-bikes. In addition, it is a chance for experienced riders to add comments to help our new brethren enjoy all that fat-biking offers. Consider these […]

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Northpaw Components Introduces 47mm 29-plus Rim

Northpaw Components recently introduced its new Northpaw-29+ bicycle rim, a 47mm, 29’er sized version of the Popular Northpaw-S rim that will be available at the end of April. The new rim will come in Black, Gunmetal or Silver and sell for $149. While the development of the Northpaw-29+ was spurred by the inevitable availability of […]

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Customizing Rims With Hydro Dipping

Like a lot of our readers we love customizing our fat-bikes and unique rims are on the top of the list and can really make a statement. Reader Tony B. saw our report a while back on rims customized with a vinyl graphic treatment and passed on this report about customizing rims using a process […]

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Custom Fat-bike Rim Vinyl

We’ve been messing about with custom-cut Vinyl from our buddy Corey to enhance fat-bike rims and personalize your ride. This Pugsley was built to showcase the rims and so we could get some good photos of the concept and to test the durability. More on the long-term prospects down the road. This is still largely […]

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Builder Profile – 616 Bicycle Fabrication

Great minds from two iconic Michigami MTB Brands joined forces to form 616 Bicycle Fabrication last July. John Muezenmeyer , founder of Nuke Proof, and Aaron Joppe of Slingshot bicycles wanted to create a hand-built-in-the-mitten bicycle company that leverages the manufacturing might of western Michigan. 616 makes fat-bike frames, forks, hubs, and soon they’ll have their […]

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Reader’s Ride(s) ~ Butch’s 9:Zero:7

    Everybody knows Butch…..or rather, everyone should know Butch. Think of the best dude you know and that’s Butch.   Butch sold his baby poop brown pugs last winter to help finance an extended exploration of the great American west last winter, leaving him without a fat-bike till late this fall. He wanted to […]

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Custom Rolling Darryls

I didn’t set out to build the coolest set of Fat-Bike wheels in the world, but this is how I did it. Parts: 2 Parts Surly Rolling Darryl Kawasaki Green rims. (Very Limited Edition. One of 33 pair!) Because Greg thought I had to have them! 2 parts Hugi Hayes hubs, the rear salvaged my […]

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Tech: Drilling Fat Rims

So you have a sweet set of super fat wheels for that snowbike of yours but they seem a bit heavy, Sure you could get some of the new generation of rims like the Rolling Darryl’s or some Uma II’s and re-lace your hubs onto those,  but why waste a set of perfectly good rims? In this Post […]

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Red Rolling Darryl Rim Transplant

  Next week I’ve scheduled the G-Fiddy to undergo rim transplant surgery in Iowa City, Iowa. Renowned fat wheel specialist, Dr. Adam Blake will perform the surgery at the World of Bikes clinic in Iowa City. My mismatched wheel-set, comprised of a Large Marge in front and a Graceful Fat Sheba out back will be replaced with […]

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Colorful Rolling Darryl Fat-bike Rims

Colorful Rolling Darryl Fat-bike Rims URGENT! After a quick heads up from one of our peeps in Iowa we gotta get to ya’ll on the quick! From Surly there are some new, limited-edition, powder-coated Rolling Darryls in your choice of three colors: China White, Kawasaki Green or Ed’s Dead Red. Call up your favorite local fat-bike […]

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Surly Rolling Darryl

The Surly Rolling Darryl is an 82mm wide fat-bike rim that has proven very versatile for either symmetrical fat-bikes or more traditional offset rigs. The 64 hole spoke pattern lets the rider/wheelbuilder select either a 32-hole asymmetrical build for offset bikes or a 32-hole symmetrical build for non-offset frames. The Rolling Darryl uses a welded-seam, […]

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